Adding our personal touch to The Black Buffalo

We wanted to add some stickers for our business, but we were told that DOT might hassle us for it even though this truck is registered as a motor home. So we decided to add some flare to the Black Buffalo that wouldn't look too much like a business truck. This is what we came up with. (and yes we also make stickers, banners, and t-shirts if you need something custom done up).
2016-04-23 15.28.12

2016-04-23 16.07.06

2016-04-23 16.24.29

2016-04-23 16.24.39

Anticipation is building for new camper

We finally got the title for the Black Buffalo and with that it will get state inspection tomorrow and today it got new tires.

2016-04-20 10.13.29

I did some work while they installed the tires. Found out the steering wheel makes a great desk for my laptop. LOL!!
2016-04-20 08.58.26

We are scheduled to pick up the new 5th wheel on Monday, and we leave for Conneticut on Tuesday. ACK!! Not a lot of time to unload old trail and load up new one. I did manage to sell the motorcycle to pay for the down payment on the new Toy Hauler which was good. My ankle is still broken so I am not much help with the move which is highly annoying to me and Shelli.

Maiden run of the Black Buffalo

We had a job to do in Jackson, TN and this was the maiden run of the Black Buffalo. Getting our old trailer hitched up the first time took a little thinking and couple of extra parts. But it towed great. The brake controller doesn't work the way I want but they are cheap enough to replace.


We had a brake seize up on the way there and had to the truck to the service center. They had it for nearly a week while we did the job,but did get it fixed $925 later. Ugh. Joys of buying a used truck.

The camper had a flat after sitting a week but the truck was previously owned by a race team and it has on board air so we were able to fill it up and hit the road.


The kids really like the extra room and the comfy seats. It's noisier going down the road then the Black Sheep was but it's easy to drive and more comfortable for everyone.  So far we are liking it.

Our new toter!

We've been full time on the road off and on now for nearly 8 years. 6 year ago we bought a brand new camper and towed it with our Chevy van. The van was comfy, but under powered and did not tow well at all. We ended up ruining it trying to climb mountains and we traded it in on a diesel truck. It was tough to find a crew cab that would seat six, and hold all our stuff. We ended up buying a brand new 2012 Dodge Ram 2500. It was a great truck. But after 4 years and 124,000 miles we were outgrowing it and the kids have gotten so big that they were uncomfortable in their seats. We had named the Dodge the Black Sheep, and now it's time to trade it in on something bigger. We searched for nearly a year, and prayed and searched some more and found a 1997 Freightliner FL60 Cabriolet custom that we liked and could afford. The kids have named it The Black Buffalo since it's so big. LOL.

This thing has a huge couch in the back that turns into a bed. This gives the kids a lot more room and much more comfortable seating. It can recline in the event they need to rest and we are still driving. It drives good and has a lot of cool little features. Its noisier then the Dodge was, but we like it.12422416_10207542355910905_1717361249_o


2016-03-15 18.49.40

2016-03-15 13.25.02

2016-03-15 13.23.56

2016-03-15 12.48.13

We needed to upgrade to make the kids more comfortable and because we also our upgrading our camper. We needed to be able to haul our scissor lift to jobs so we order a new toy hauler with the weight capabilities for hauling the lift.

Now we just need to add our logos to it. Woohoo!

Current weather near us right now:
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Fun day out with fam!

Went and did just a bit of tidy up work at the job site today. Then came home and did a bit of billing and spreadsheet work for the next job. Oy! Glad that's done.

Now on to the fun I love about living on the road. Took a walk with the kids and dog. We found a ball in the woods that must have blown away from someone in the wind storm, so we brought it home and played catch and monkey in the middle for like an hour. Love this Georgia weather. It's still cold and gloomy back in PA. LOL.

After lunch we went geocaching and looking around Madison, GA. Found 5 or geocaches in about an hour. Fun, we haven't done that in a while. I really like life on the road and getting to spend time with my family. We just do that much stuff when we are at home in our house.

2016-03-10 08.22.34

2016-03-10 16.32.59

2016-03-10 17.37.32

Using your RV in the winter

2015-11-30 07.48.10
With winter being upon us and things freezing (it was 4 here in PA this morning), I wanted to share some winter tips for you full timers who might be new to this.
First things first, most newer and even a lot of older trailers and 5ers have dual tanks, and you can leave both tanks open and it auto switches. DO NOT do this. In the middle of the night it your heat will drain both tanks and you will woke up frozen with no way to get warm. Instead, only open one tank that way if it runs out you can just go switch the to other and refill the empty one. I will even keep a spare tank handy in the winter just in case. If you are going to be gone from your rig all day, check your tanks before you leave. Coming home to frozen pipes or pets is no fun.
I recommend getting online or go to a truck stop and get thermometer with an alarm. Set it to like 40 degrees or something. That way in the middle of the night when propane runs out, the alarm will sound, you can get up and turn on the still full tank and save everything from freezing.
If you are parked for a long time, skirt the bottom of you rig with something to keep the cold air out from under it. Styrofoam insulation and 1x1" is cheap at any hard ware store. This will keep your rig warmer and pipes warmer.
For your city water supply, you can use heat tape and insulation on your hose, but be careful, stuff can melt. I instead recommend spending the money on a hose that has the heat strip built in. They seem expensive, but they are well worth the investment.
Throw rugs are cheap and easy way to keep your toes comfy in the cold months.
We insulate our windows, but this can cause a cave like atmosphere. So we usually cover them at night and open them during the day to pull some solar heat in.
Be prepared for an over load of moisture. We keep our roof vent cracked open and you may find you might need a small dehumidifier. In the winter months moisture will build quickly and cause mildew or mold. Keep buckets of damp rid stashed in bathrooms and kitchen. Use your bath room and kitchen fans when showering or cooking to help reduce the influx of moisture. Keep an eye on walls, especially around furniture and mattresses where moisture can become trapped.
Be extremely careful for electric heaters and fireplaces. You may have 50amp breakers in you rig, but only 15amp power outlets. The wiring in many rvs was never meant for that kind of stress. Some older rigs actually have aluminum wiring which can melt with current over load. We personally have had an outlet melt but it never tripped a breaker. If we want to augment our heat while parked, we use a heavy duty extension cord slid out thru the gasket of our slide out and plugged into the shore power box. We do no plug it into an outlet in the trailer. And this goes without saying, but always use caution in the small space. Fires can happen fast if you or your young ones are careless with a heater. DO NOT use a kerosene heater. There is no where for the fumes to go and you could suffocate. ALWAYS REMEMBER that in most rvs the pipes and under belly are warmed by the propane furnace, so if you are running electric heat it will make the furnace not run as much which could lead to frozen pipes and sad campers.
Keep a heat gun and bottled water handy. At some point, your pipes will probably freeze. Newer rvs use pex pipe and it can withstand a certain amount of abuse. Old rigs used copper pipe and will crack if frozen. Learn your rig, learn where the pipes go and what they are made of just in case. Our rig is fully insulated and the pipes still froze. I found out the pipe had rubbed a hole in the insulation while driving. I was able to fix it since I knew where the pipe ran.
Watch for ice and snow build up on the roof and slide outs. While it's never happened to us personally, I have heard of some campers having the roof collapse from an overload of snow. Remember that most roofs are just rubber, so don't try to shovel it off or you may damage roof. And be careful if you are up on it, they get very slippery.
2015-11-30 08.27.39
Check on things constantly as temperature drops, you can catch things before they happen if you pay attention.
ABOVE ALL, be safe and maintain a positive attitude, even in a bad situation. That can be the difference between having an adventure, and just being miserable.
* some images pulled from google images and copyright belongs to their respective owners.


Long lost family in Georgia

This last week found us working in Georgia. I knew about my cousin Vinny (like the movie? ) who lived in Georgia and ran a diesel truck shop. So I looked him up and he wasn't fat from us. I wanted some work done on my truck anyhow and he invited us to park at his house.

You ever meet someone and is like you've know them your whole life? All your stories line up, you're into the same stuff, you have the same faith and beliefs, and you just plain fit right in? Yep, this was one of those.

We had a great time there. I love there little cottage in the woods. It's perfect!  We just had a great time swapping stories and hanging out.

We will get to come back in September and I'm really looking forward to it.






Columbus again!

This weekend after a bunch of really long drives between jobs site, we back tracked a little bit to Columbus to see my adopted family.  Well, I'm not really adopted, but in college I really hit it off instantly with their son Cliff and we became best friends in weeks.  We were roomates for a few short months before he died in a car accident.  I always felt a big attachment to his family and took to calling them mom and dad and I happily adopted his little sister Gina after his passing.  So whenever I can, I go to Columbus and see them.  So this time around we decided to surprise them.  What fun!  Although Patti is psychic and pretty much guessed the whole surprise.

We stayed at Cross Creek RV Resort which is a really nice campground, but the price just keep going up.  It cost us $100 for two nights because they charge for each child.  The whole park was crammed full with no empty spaces, so it must work for them.

My "sheltered" home schooled kids immediately found kids to play with and organized a game of Isrealli dodge ball (GaGa).  I love that my kids don't care about race, creed, or any of that nonsense.  People are people and they are nice to them all.



Travel troubles

Our trailer is 4 years old and has well over a hundred thousand miles on it now. We are on our second set of tires and have had a few things that got beat up and replaced along the way. This trip across Ohio put more strain on it. If you haven't driven in Ohio lately, a lot of their roads are being repaired or need repaired, so it abuses cars and trailers.

We shredded two tires and I found a crack in the rear bedroom.

We are really praying about trading it in on a toy hauler. Something a bit bigger.






So we found a tire ship with tires on stock and time to get us in before the job and ran over and got them installed. Looks much better and rides better.



Weekend camping

Enjoyed a couple days off from working at Running Cedar RV Resort in VA.  It's sort of hidden back in near a really nice lake.  I'd recommend it if your in the area.

We have had a good time hiking and swimming and they had a graduation party here Friday and let us crash the party.  It was a lot of fun.

Sadly, we must pack up and head on to the next job site.

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