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Camping in the backyard

Well I brought the camper home finally. My job in Harrisburg was finally done. Set it up in the back yard so we can begin packing it for our voyage. We have given about 4 tours through it already of friends and neighbors who wanted to see what craziness we were up too. Last night we all slept in it to give a test run. The kids did marvelously. They even slept in until 7:45am. Amazing. Everyone said they slept well. Shelli even said this bed was more comfortable then the bed in our stick built.

I sold off a bunch of tools and things out of the shed yesterday. I made almost $1500. It's a good start. I still have to sell my motor cycle, 4 wheeler, lawn tractor, and 4 refrigerators. Man we have lot of stuff. Oy.


White mans fire

This evening I went to the empty camp spots and collected the half burnt wood from the fire rings. $5 for firewood seemed like a rip off. 🙂 I had newspapers in the van and so I created a very smoky fire. My Apache friend calls it white mans fire. 🙂

I also found a big bee in a hole in the picnic table. Thankfully I found him before he found me.

Worked on my Radio Control trucks a bit and watched some more old tv. Seems to be all I can find.


Things to do while camping alone.

I got all settled back in at the Gifford Pinchot State park camp ground. No water here, but there is electric. So naturally I had to try out the tv again since I figured out how to use the antenna. Found a few channels. Settled on RTV (Retro Television network). Haha. It's great. I watch Knight Rider, then A Team and now I am watching Magnum P.I. Classic. I love it. Hahaha.

I also found out my van does charge the battery while driving. Once I get home I will add the other one I have. That should get us through a week end.


My weekend of “dry” camping.

I am so glad I had an opportunity to try this out without the whole family.  I learned a lot.

I learned the single 12volt deep cycle can't make it through a whole weekend.  Even with using it sparingly.  I learned that I would like to have the TV and laptop while parked and I can't.  I learned that the water supply wouldn't last through showers for everyone.  Although, there is plenty of water for cooking and dishes.

I also learned the importance of leveling using the tires first and jacks for stabalizing.  I leveled using the jacks and this morning I almost destroyed them when I tried let them down and the camper shifted and started to bend the jacks.  Thankfully it wasn't far and I was able to fix it. *Grr*

So I think that if we are going to be doing dry camping we will probably want to have our generator or get some solar panels and some more batteries.  The second would be my choice.  Quieter and doesn't need gas.

Rockin the TV and make shift generator

So Adam is visiting and we got bored. So we turned his car on with the jumper cables running to charge the trailer battery and hooked an extension cord to a power inverter and hooked that to the tv. We got 26 High Def channels! Sweet! So we are sitting here watching tv in the camper. Woohoo!

This TV has a great picture!

Dinner Guest

Tonight Adam came down to hang out. We are doing a radio controlled rock crawling competition tomorrow with . We ran to walmart and got the cheap bucket of chicken. It was quite tasty.

Camping without hook up.

So this is the first time I have camped without hookups in this new camper. First thing I realized was that the battery is not charging while driving like it should. I even told them I thought I had a bad wire and they needed to check it. *sigh* Guess I will fix that next weekend when I am home. Also, I forgot the sewer hose at home so I have a full grey tank on my shower. Whoops. Going to see if someone will lend me one so I can empty it. Hard to shower then the water doesn't go away.

Finally, I made the mistake of buying some microwavable meals for breakfast. Whoops. No microwave without 110 hook ups. How silly of me. I think we will have to invest in a some solar panels or carry the generator with us if this will be normal practice. I am glad I am learning these things now instead of when I have 4 hungry kids, a crabby wife, and no place to go home to pick stuff up. 🙂

This camp ground is small and generally used by weekend tent campers. I had to park at an angle with the back of the camper pretty much in the woods and then stick the van in the grass to the side of the camp site. They don't seem to mind my parking job and no one else is beside me. Still for $25 you'd think I would have electric at least.

Advertising space.

We are offering advertising space up on this big new camper and big white van. This thing will see a lot of miles and a lot of country. If you want to get your name out there for a low month rate, then contact me. There is plenty of room to advertise on. Advertise on both camper and van, or just one or the other.

Perfecting the camper shower

Today I was able to shower without getting freezing water. Still had plenty of hot left over in fact. This won't be so bad. Just had to adjust my routine a bit.

Lessons learned :)

So this morning I learned that in a camper, you must shower quickly and smartly. Get wet then flip the switch to shut off water. Soap up and then flip switch back on and rinse. Be done. There is only a 6 gal hot water heater so it goes fast. That may get upgraded someday to an instant hot water heater. They can sustain hot water in definitely.