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We are living the life!

Or maybe just being rednecks. 🙂 Today we picked up our sign that we ordered for our camper.

The Cornmesser Family

new Custom sign from Jakes Signs

We also got our first package while on the road. Thanks mom!


Fish Hatchery tour

Today we went to the fish hatchery, where they have over 1 million trout. Crazy! Took the tour, learned about trout, watched a video, and fed the fish. Pretty cool. I think I am enjoying all these educational tours more then the kids are. Yesterday we did a winery tour, but it was super lame. They didn't show us really how wine was made or anything. The tour was pretty much here's some barrels, here's a guy who looks like Santa filling bottles, and here's some samples. It was basically just a gimmick to get you to buy wine. We are much for wine, but we did buy a bottle of the grape juice for the kids. It's tasty, but was $5. :-O

There will of course be more swimming today once they young ones take a nap.

Branson, MO

Well, when the jobs were put on hold in St. Charles we were sort of fed up with our old campground for not having pool. I asked where we should go next and Shelli said Branson, so that's where we went. 🙂 Branson is like a mini family friendly Vegas. Trouble is that all the shows are so flippin expensive that we can't do any of them. It would be like $275 for our family of 6. Crazy! We did find a super cheap campground, Ozark Country Campground. It was $18 a night with the Passport America club (if you sign up use my reference C-509229).

We have managed to find a few free things to do and really the kids would be happy to just stay in the pool the whole time. I have managed to find two jobs to do. Could use a couple more to keep the bills paid, but God will take care of us, always does.

One thing about Branson, their are mountains here. Lots of them. We got stopped on a hill and almost didn't get going again. There are some 19% grades here. Our van did not like it one bit. I am so glad I put the Amsoil in before we started. I have already planned out a better route to leave by so we don't climb so steep. One guy coming to our camp ground when the same we first did and his rig caught on fire. He had to climb the mountain and it overheated his transmission which made the line pop and spray on the super hot exhaust and it caught fire. Thankfully he had insurance on it and Good Sam so they will put him up in a hotel while his RV gets fixed. Still pretty scary.

Sundermeier RV Park, St. Charles, MO

111 Transit Street
St Charles, MO 63301-0949
(636) 940-0111

Dates Stayed: June 13th, 2010 to June 26th, 2010
Site Type: Full Hookups with Cable
Price: $275 a week

We stayed here for 2 weeks while working on the NCR/MCD project. We paid by the week - $275 a week. They took Good Sam.

Weekly rate was decent, and campground was well maintained, very clean, and a nice atmosphere.
There was no on site pool, playground, or fire rings. There was not much grass. There was a city park across the street and a nice bike trail. St. Charles was nearby and had decent stuff for families
Staff was very friendly and super nice. They were quite helpful.
No pool or lake on site. No place nearby to swim.
Good WIFI connection that was fast and reliable. It was password protected, but allowed multiple computers on same login and password.
Spot was concrete and level. Had a little bit of grass around it. Included a nice picnic table. There was no fire ring available.
Laundry was outstanding. Good price for washers and dryers. Equipment was in excellent shape. The double dryer was $1.50 and could dry two loads.
Small store with a few essentials on site. Had ice and a few things like that. There was a restaurant and pub on site that seemed decent even though we didn't eat there.
This campground was about the only one we could find in the St. Louis/St. Charles area. We met some great new friends here and had a pretty enjoyable time. This campground could benefit from a pool, but otherwise was very nice and well maintained.

Budweiser Tour

Took a tour of Budweiser. Again it was free so and we heard it was cool. So we went. Glad we did. The architecture was pretty neat, the facts were amazing, and over all it was just a neat thing to do. At they end they had samples of free beer. It was just really cool to learn the history of Anheiser-Busch and how they got started, how they stayed going during the prohibition by making cereals and breakfast drinks, and how they recycle 5bottles for every 4 they sell and produce 4% of Americas animal feed. They also have the worlds largest herd of clydesdales. Truly magnificent horses.

Dad if you read this, I think you would really enjoy this tour if you ever come to St. Louis. It's like touring the old houses only you go thru like 3-4 of them in one tour. 🙂

Final days in St. Charles

Well, I found out yesterday evening that there is no jobs for next week from Endeavor. They are only training new people and since I am already trained it leaves me with nothing to do. We looked around and decided to head to Branson, MO for the heck of it. I changed my OnForce address to there and already snagged up a job for Monday afternoon. I need a couple more throughout the week to cover our expenses while there. Specially since the last two weeks worth of work might not get paid for 30 days.

So Tuesday we found a local hobby shop and got parts to fix the one RC truck that was broke. So we decided to try to have a race with them. Elijah is getting better at controlling a 15-20 mph little truck, but the girls could use some more practice with it. They all need to learn to turn the steering slowing not yank it all the way one way or another. 🙂 The trick is gentleness.

Wednesday it was hot out so we went to Cabelas and the big mall attached to it and wandered around a while. They had a huge catfish in a tank there. Reminded me of the one from Big Fish. They also had these Alligator Turtles in there that can be found in the Missouri river. Yeah, I will never swim in there! I also got hustled by a fast talking jewelry sales man who put "free" necklaces on all my kids then told me it was worth $275, but I only had to pay $25. Pretty sure the whole lot cost him $.50. He was slick.

Thursday we went into the historic part of St. Charles for St. Jean Bapitiste day (its a French thing). Games for the kids and french music and generic stuff like that. The kids had a good time. Then we "took over" the local coffee shop. There was a random dude sitting on the steps and all the kids liked him and just sat down beside him. I think he was a little confused as to why he was suddenly so popular.

I have one more job to do this morning and we are paid up until tomorrow, so we will leave tomorrow for Branson, MO. I hope the campground down there is nice and we have a few more jobs. God is good and will take care of us.

Fun and fury

Today was another fine day. I got to sleep in, but I was up like 4 times in the middle of the night checking the awning. The wind here can come out of nowhere so I sleep lightly and listen. Plus we are near a river that is already at flood levels, so I like to watch things. So thankfully the family let me rest until about 9am. After which we cleaned up the house and got everyone bathed. The kids have been wanting to take the "trolley" (its really just a bus paid for by chamber of commerce that looks like a trolley), so we took it downtown and to the Bass Pro Shop.

The downtown tourist district is very nice. Lot of old brick buildings and a huge casino (I am not a fan of casinos). We walked around the downtown area, but with our life of simplicity there was no reason to buy anything.

Next we went to the Bass Pro Shop. They were having like family fun days or something. They had painting for the kids, a fishing casting game, and a bb gun shooting area. Walked around a bit in there and look at hats (mine is getting pretty rough), but couldn't find any Shelli liked. We came back home and took some naps.

Shelli woke me up to hustle and get the awning and screen room in. We heard a big storm was coming this morning, so we were a little prepared. We hurriedly packed up all our stuff and stored it nice and neat (we are getting good at that). Then we ran around helping other with their awnings. One young couple lost theirs. It blew right over the top of their camper. Another older woman almost lost hers, but Shelli ran over and caught it just in time. A third person left and left theirs out. So we took down their lights and rolled up their awning for them. They almost lost it, but I think we got it in time. It looked slightly bent, but it still worked. Luckily they have left one outside storage open for us to toss their lights and stuff inside. Hope they aren't mad we invaded.

Week one done.

Well, made it through week 1 of the job and living on the road. We are still alive. 🙂 We did more organizing. I threw away another bag of clothes I didn't need. Why do I still have so much useless stuff? We put the screen room up, it definitely helps with the bugs. It's also great for keeping the rain out. It weighs enough that it keeps the awning from blowing around.

I got all my jobs done early for the week, so I only had a bit of paperwork stuff to do this morning, making us have the afternoon free. We took the kids to the science center to have a look around. Some cool stuff there.

They had a mummified baby.  Just a little creepy looking.  I had to take a picture. 🙂

They also had this awesome marble course that ran all over.  Just love those things.  This one was immense.  Loved it.

Over all we had a good time and I think everyone is adjusting well to the life on the road.


Nomads at last!

Well, our journey began yesterday. We left "home" around 12:30pm and headed for St. Louis, MO for work. Not sure where we go from here, the schedule is not done yet. This job is a year to a year and half traveling around the country surveying McDonalds for upgrades. I may eventually end up doing the upgrades, but for now I am only using a tablet PC to draw out maps and tell other people where to install new cable, outlets, and cash registers.

We stopped in Dayton to visit Erika since she was the half way point (exactly) to our camp ground. After dinner with Erika, we headed on for another couple hours and boondocked (camping without hookups) in a rest stop in Indiana.

Today we made it to our campground around 1:30ish. Got all set up fed the kids and rested.
(if anyone wants to send mail, we are here until Satuday the 19th, 111 Transit St., St Charles, MO 63301-0146  we are in site number 1)

When we got here the thermometer at the office said 94.  We setup the trailer (no shade around) and cranked up the A/C on high.  This is what our thermometer looked like.  I was sweating like crazy (but what else is new, I'm fat).

After nap time we went to Jack in the Box for dinner and then went to see the Gateway Arch.  Can't drive all this way without some site seeing. 🙂  Thing is huge!!!  If you haven't seen it, you can't even imagine how tall it is!

Aren't they all so cute?!

If you make this one big and zoom in you can see my fam all tiny standing on a bench in front of the arch. 🙂

Thank you all for your prayers.  We made it here safe and sound.  As always, follow our traveling blog at That will give you a GPS location as to where we are.  Sorry for the advertising on there, I have to pay for web hosting somehow. 🙂

Much love,


Finally on the road.

Well we finally made it out on the open road. Left a big mess of junk at the house that we just didn't have time to deal with. We stopped and had dinner with my sister since her place was exactly half way to where we were going for this weeks jobs. It's 104 here. Very sticky, and nasty. The A/C is running full tilt, but it's still 85 in here. After the little ones nap we will probably head out for dinner or something. Thanks for all the prayers.