Fun and fury

Today was another fine day. I got to sleep in, but I was up like 4 times in the middle of the night checking the awning. The wind here can come out of nowhere so I sleep lightly and listen. Plus we are near a river that is already at flood levels, so I like to watch things. So thankfully the family let me rest until about 9am. After which we cleaned up the house and got everyone bathed. The kids have been wanting to take the “trolley” (its really just a bus paid for by chamber of commerce that looks like a trolley), so we took it downtown and to the Bass Pro Shop.

The downtown tourist district is very nice. Lot of old brick buildings and a huge casino (I am not a fan of casinos). We walked around the downtown area, but with our life of simplicity there was no reason to buy anything.

Next we went to the Bass Pro Shop. They were having like family fun days or something. They had painting for the kids, a fishing casting game, and a bb gun shooting area. Walked around a bit in there and look at hats (mine is getting pretty rough), but couldn’t find any Shelli liked. We came back home and took some naps.

Shelli woke me up to hustle and get the awning and screen room in. We heard a big storm was coming this morning, so we were a little prepared. We hurriedly packed up all our stuff and stored it nice and neat (we are getting good at that). Then we ran around helping other with their awnings. One young couple lost theirs. It blew right over the top of their camper. Another older woman almost lost hers, but Shelli ran over and caught it just in time. A third person left and left theirs out. So we took down their lights and rolled up their awning for them. They almost lost it, but I think we got it in time. It looked slightly bent, but it still worked. Luckily they have left one outside storage open for us to toss their lights and stuff inside. Hope they aren’t mad we invaded.

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