Final days in St. Charles

Well, I found out yesterday evening that there is no jobs for next week from Endeavor. They are only training new people and since I am already trained it leaves me with nothing to do. We looked around and decided to head to Branson, MO for the heck of it. I changed my OnForce address to there and already snagged up a job for Monday afternoon. I need a couple more throughout the week to cover our expenses while there. Specially since the last two weeks worth of work might not get paid for 30 days.

So Tuesday we found a local hobby shop and got parts to fix the one RC truck that was broke. So we decided to try to have a race with them. Elijah is getting better at controlling a 15-20 mph little truck, but the girls could use some more practice with it. They all need to learn to turn the steering slowing not yank it all the way one way or another. 🙂 The trick is gentleness.

Wednesday it was hot out so we went to Cabelas and the big mall attached to it and wandered around a while. They had a huge catfish in a tank there. Reminded me of the one from Big Fish. They also had these Alligator Turtles in there that can be found in the Missouri river. Yeah, I will never swim in there! I also got hustled by a fast talking jewelry sales man who put “free” necklaces on all my kids then told me it was worth $275, but I only had to pay $25. Pretty sure the whole lot cost him $.50. He was slick.

Thursday we went into the historic part of St. Charles for St. Jean Bapitiste day (its a French thing). Games for the kids and french music and generic stuff like that. The kids had a good time. Then we “took over” the local coffee shop. There was a random dude sitting on the steps and all the kids liked him and just sat down beside him. I think he was a little confused as to why he was suddenly so popular.

I have one more job to do this morning and we are paid up until tomorrow, so we will leave tomorrow for Branson, MO. I hope the campground down there is nice and we have a few more jobs. God is good and will take care of us.

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