Branson, MO

Well, when the jobs were put on hold in St. Charles we were sort of fed up with our old campground for not having pool. I asked where we should go next and Shelli said Branson, so that’s where we went. 🙂 Branson is like a mini family friendly Vegas. Trouble is that all the shows are so flippin expensive that we can’t do any of them. It would be like $275 for our family of 6. Crazy! We did find a super cheap campground, Ozark Country Campground. It was $18 a night with the Passport America club (if you sign up use my reference C-509229).

We have managed to find a few free things to do and really the kids would be happy to just stay in the pool the whole time. I have managed to find two jobs to do. Could use a couple more to keep the bills paid, but God will take care of us, always does.

One thing about Branson, their are mountains here. Lots of them. We got stopped on a hill and almost didn’t get going again. There are some 19% grades here. Our van did not like it one bit. I am so glad I put the Amsoil in before we started. I have already planned out a better route to leave by so we don’t climb so steep. One guy coming to our camp ground when the same we first did and his rig caught on fire. He had to climb the mountain and it overheated his transmission which made the line pop and spray on the super hot exhaust and it caught fire. Thankfully he had insurance on it and Good Sam so they will put him up in a hotel while his RV gets fixed. Still pretty scary.

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