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Day two begins

Here we are putting away the last minute clothes that came out of the washer right before we left. We should make it to our first camp ground by lunch time.

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Stopped for the night

We have stopped at a rest area in Indiana for the night. Should only leave about 4 hours of drive tomorrow. Not bad.

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Gas mileage whoas

We are deff loaded now. 6.6 mpg on first fill up. Ouch!

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Made it to Ohio

Our journey has finally started. We made it to Ohio already.

Big Day!

Tomorrow is the big day. We have been furiously working like madmen to clean out the house, sell our stuff, and get the little bit into storage that we want to keep. I landed a year long job (thanks be to God) traveling the country doing site surveys. We leave tomorrow for St Louis, MO. Going to take us two days to get there. We don't know the schedule yet after that. Let the adventure begin! As always, we will take all the prayers for safety you can send our way. 🙂


Packing to leave

Well we have only 2 weeks to empty our house and get out.  We thought we had till the end of the month.  Our house looked way worse before we got done and left it.  Still going to leave mom and dad with a bit of a mess.


Fish for Free day in PA

Sunday was fish for free day. We took all the kids up to lake Goddard and hung out with my family. Eli caught 3 fish, Tristian caught one, Ash caught one. I caught nothing. 🙂 On the way home we found a really cool water fall coming down off the mountain.


Old Motorhome gets hauled away.

Well we sold the old RV during our yard sale, or gave it away free with the sale of the motorcycle. Didn't get as much as I had hoped, but got rid of it at least. They picked it up this morning and made me nervous loading it up on the truck. Thing weighed a lot and looked like it wanted to tip over going up on.


Having a fire and hanging out.

Our new friends, the Roos, came over during our yard sale yesterday to see what we had and to hang out. They have 8 kids (they brought 7 with them), so our kids all had someone to play with. Their kids are very well behaved and the older ones help with the younger ones. I like that. My kids seem to argue and fight with each other all the time.

Shelli made some awesome burger from the meat from our cows. We rolled out the awning and hung out under it while it sprinkled. We built a bonfire and made some smores. Then it started to down pour so we disbanded and headed for our respective beds. Dan and Angie started to back out of the driveway and had a screw in their tire. It was flat, and their spare was too. Luckily they drive that same van as us, so we lent them our spare and Dan and I changed it in the pouring rain. Always an adventure. 🙂


Today we yard sale!

Today we are having our huge moving sale. My feet are killing me from carrying all the stuff out there. Hopefully we can sell a bunch of this other wise we have to throw it out or take it to the sal val. Why did we ever get so much stuff?!