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Packing, Moving, Selling, and all the headache that goes with it.

Well, since I came home, we have been packing stuff into the camper, sorting to goto storage, selling off excess we don't need and dealing with the arguing, pain in the butt, and hassle that goes with any kind of move.

I am the throw away sort of person, but my wife is not. She has some good points when it comes to trying to sell stuff. Me, I am all about simplifying our lives, which means getting rid of it all. My way leaves no room for sentiment. 🙂 Her way doesn't get rid of stuff. Our children were good at first, but now I am ready to sell them at the yard sale.

Doesn't help that it's in the 80's pushing 90's here. Pray for us that we can get through this. The goal is the end of the month. The house looks way worse then when we started. 🙂


Camp Review Template

This is how we rate the campgrounds. Its a straight forward rating system we use as full timers with kids.



Dates Stayed:
Site Type:

Campground Name
Was this camp worth nightly rate? Was the price high?
Was this campground good for families? Did they charge extra for kids? Playground equipment onsite? Was is safe? Was it fun?
Was the staff friendly and helpful?
Were they clean? Good size? Private?
Was internet available? What it good connection and fast?
Was the spot decent size? Did it include fire ring? Was it grass or gravel?
Was there laundry onsite? Was it clean? Was it a good value?
Other amenities
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