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Reader request: Inside of camper

So I had a reader request to see our camper. We have 4 kids for anyone who doesn't know and we full time, so we needed room for all of them and all their stuff. I have thrown away even more stuff since we hit the road and probably will get rid of more. Amazing what you find you no longer need.

Dearborn Camp in Milford, MI

We enjoyed our time here. There was plenty to do at the camp. Having the bikes was awesome, so we will definitely have to get some permanent way to carry them around. The pool was freezing even tho it said it was heated, so we didn't last long in there. They have a nice beach, but I couldn't bring myself to swim in a lake after all the pool swimming we have been doing. Weird huh? This place has activities every day which is great. I really liked the feel of this campground. It was something straight from the 50's and yet modernized at the same time. Very friendly feeling. Lots of people practically grew up in this campground and were happy to tell us about it. The kids did some tie dye, and they have dances every night. There is just plenty to do. We really wanted to do the pedal boats, but they just weren't designed for a family like ours. 🙁 We roll out today and head to Columbus for the weekend. YAY get to hang out with Dave and Patti. I missed them.


Well today we drove in to Michigan. Near the Detroit area. We have never been here before. We ended up a little place called Dearborn Camp. Supposedly built as a vacation getaway for Ford employees or something. I will do a little history searching tomorrow I think. It's a great campground and it sort of reminds of the resort from Dirty Dancing minus the big hotel. 🙂

Our spot is slightly small and we drove past some bigger ones, so we aren't sure why they put us here, but not complaining. Its not too expensive, has a pool, and about 3 lakes, a golf course, and some other fun stuff to do. Tonight we went to the "Canteena" and did some dancing and ate ice cream.

The drive went well except that our bumper did not hold up to the bikes being on there. *sigh* the salesmen told us these ultra light bumpers couldn't do bikes and I didn't listen. *sigh* So now we will have to get the bumper welded and try to come up with another way to carry our bikes. I am thinking a roof top carrier on the van. Hopefully we can find the receipt for this $110 Walmart rack and return it. Lesson learned. Moving forward. 🙂 Thank God we didn't lose the bumper completely and cause an accident. That would have been bad. We just loaded the bikes onto our bed and finished out journey. 🙂

Wrapping up at home…

... and moving on. We finished up the Spiritual Warrior Apostolic Training seminar and got a chance to practice some. I have really come to the conclusion that I must get back in the word more and renew my mind. We had a cookout while we were home that was nice to see some friends. Church was interesting for sure, and home group was good. I really like being with other faith filled believers.

While home I got some bolts and bolted on an old hitch I had to put a bike rack on. But the 4 bigger bikes on this and the 2 small ones in the van.

Duncan’s Family Campground – Lothian, MD

5381 Sands Rd.
Lothian, MD 20711
Reservations 1-800-222-2086


Dates Stayed: July 11th - July 25th, 2010
Site Type: Pull through, full hook ups with cable
Price: $289.07 a week (Total of $578.14 for 2 weeks)

Campground Name
Little bit expensive, but was cheapest for the area. It is only 20 minutes outside of D.C. after all.
Nice playground equipment. Outdoor family friendly movies. Planned weekend activities. Nice pool with a slide and lifeguards. Also had a kiddie pool. Fun things for the adults to do while the kids played.
Staff were friendly and helpful. Some were a bit young, but they knew what they were doing and were nice about it. Good with the kids. Treated us like members of their family.
Bathrooms were each their own separate bathroom instead of locker room style. Nice water pressure and temp. They did get sandy do to the playground and volley ball pit being right nearby.
Connection was weak and hard to find. They were upgrading while we were there and it is probably great now. They were adding at least 3 extra access points. It just wasn't working while we were there.
Dirt/Sandy pull through spot. Good amount of room, with new picnic table. Fire rings included. Was a lot of sand which made for mess in camper. We used an old piece of carpet in our screen room to combat this. Good trees for shade although one did fall almost hitting our van while there. Jack and Jill style spots available for groups camping together. Got to choose site we wanted.
The newer laundry room did not work very well. The older laundry was alright, but dryers didn't work great and cost extra to finish drying. We actually had to ask for a refund on one dryer.
Planned weekend activities. Close to D.C. Transport to Metro. Easy access. Snack bar and camp store was decent, but a little old looking. Trash pick up at campsites, and recycling available. Pool was nice, playground nice, volley ball pit, mini golf, and stage. Even had a wine and cheese party.
We really liked htis campground. We would certainly stay again. Some grass or gravel would make this campground better. Little too sandy. We had a good time while here. With the new WIFI available our rating would be higher.

Anyone live near here?

This is a map of the next bunch of jobs we have for next week. Anyone live nearby so we can park for free?

View Detroit in a larger map

At home

We hurriedly drove home for the SWAT (Spiritual Warfare Apostolic Training) seminar with Curry Blake. It has been really good to hear him teach, and even better to hang out with our friends and family again. Always nice to get a fresh spiritual recharge. 🙂

We backed the camper right into mom and dads big driveway. Fit like it was made for it. Did some cooking out around the campfire. Also I have included some pix of the drive home where it rained like crazy.


Well we have now done a great big loop and we are right back where we started. Interesting. Wonder where we will head next?

Hanging out at home.

We had a friend over for dinner, Doug! Nice to see you again man. In these photos Tristian was told to take a nap, she kept in there playing and doing stuff and finally after like an hour and half she finally passed out, dropping her toy on the floor. We had a fire and played with a flashlight. It was fun. Tonight we got all packed up and ready to roll out tomorrow after I am done working.

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