Dearborn Camp in Milford, MI

We enjoyed our time here. There was plenty to do at the camp. Having the bikes was awesome, so we will definitely have to get some permanent way to carry them around. The pool was freezing even tho it said it was heated, so we didn’t last long in there. They have a nice beach, but I couldn’t bring myself to swim in a lake after all the pool swimming we have been doing. Weird huh? This place has activities every day which is great. I really liked the feel of this campground. It was something straight from the 50’s and yet modernized at the same time. Very friendly feeling. Lots of people practically grew up in this campground and were happy to tell us about it. The kids did some tie dye, and they have dances every night. There is just plenty to do. We really wanted to do the pedal boats, but they just weren’t designed for a family like ours. 🙁 We roll out today and head to Columbus for the weekend. YAY get to hang out with Dave and Patti. I missed them.

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