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D.C. Sight Seeing day 2 – Smithsonian Air and Space

Today we did the Smithsonian are and space. It was so crowded. We spent two hours there and didn't see much. Lincoln memorial made me well up tho. So much history here in D.C.

D.C. Sight Seeing day 1

Just pix of sight seeing. 🙂


Camping in Lothian, MD… in a storm

Well so far we like Duncans Family Campground well enough. Although the fact that every site was dirt was sort of a pain. We were going to buy a piece of $50 RV rug for under are screen room, but instead we saw carpet for free along the road and so we grabbed it. It's sort of musty smelling, but tolerable and it nice and plush to walk on. We ran a vacum over it and good to go. 🙂 I like it because it makes my screen room like another room in my house. I have to padding around in bare feet all week out there. The nice thing about the dirt is we were able to peg down the screen room so in storms it doesn't blow around. This is extremely helpful when a storm comes out of no where. We are in one right now. Just suddenly started down pouring. I am watching the water run under my carpet. Ewww.... that's going to be messy later. Good thing it was free. I will just throw in the dumpster when we leave. 🙂


Wow ok so as I was typing this we felt and shake and heard a thunk. Tree blew down and just missed the van and camper by inches and smashed the truck beside us. Some small branches hit the van, but I didn't see any dents anywhere. I just backed up away from it. The awning and screen survived the wind and as soon as the rain stopped we took it down real quick and packed it away. We will have to get it out and dry it out later and our free carpet is now soaked. 🙂 At least everyone is safe. As soon as the storm started, I started praying. I don't want to get to heaven and have God say, "How come you didn't just ask?"

Well now that the fun is over, I am going to get some sleep so I can work in the morning.


Shellis up coming birthday.

Shelli has decided that she wants a TV for our room for her birthday. The one she wants is actually pretty cheap. So she figured if each of her facebook friends donates $1 then that should pay for the TV she wants. I am making this post so folks can click the donate button. Safe and secure through paypal. When was the last you were able to make someone happy with $1? Of course Paypal charges a transaction fee on it so it might take more. 😉


Washington, D.C.

Well, we made it into D.C.. Well actually we are in Lothian, MD outside D.C. The drive here was sometimes hectic. Lots of up and down to climb. Last night we camped on the side of a mountain pointed down hill. Shelli was not fond of that at all. But we made it and safe and sound. Now we are at a decent campground called Duncans family Campground. They have a big pool and a kids pool, a nice playground, volley ball, horseshoes, clean bath house, and a decent little store and snack bar. The sites are dirt and mostly level. I think we will probably go buy one of those RV rugs to throw down in our screen room and try to keep some of the dirt out of the camper. The wifi needs a bit, of help. It's signal is week over at our spot, but it works. Once I switch to the new cell phone then it won't matter. The pone I want has an 8 device hot spot built in. Yeah baby!

I am looking forward to some steady work for the next two weeks. Hopefully they can work the schedule ahead so we know where we will be more often like this. I would like to make it home for Curry Blake next weekend, so prayerfully the work is conducive to that.

Driving to D.C.

So we have been driving for two days now on our way from Missouri to Washington d.c. We have been boondocking in rest areas. We are currently in a rest area on the side of a mountain in Maryland. We are angled quite sharply forward. Should be interesting sleep. 🙂

We stopped earlier today and played some frisbee and did some geocaching. Tomorrow we will have about 3 hrs to our next campground. We will be there for two weeks.

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Timbercrest RV Park – Springfield, MO

4219 South Nature Center Way
Springfield, MO 65804-4949
(417) 881-8004

Dates Stayed: July 8th, 2010
Site Type: Back in, full hook up, no cable
Price: $15 with Passport America

This RV park is actually a run down mobile home park. It was very white trash feeling. Sites weren't very level or very big. Lot of stuff sitting around outside of campers and trailers. Near a lot of construction going on. Basically we just needed a place to sleep and hang out while I did a job.

Timbercrest RV Park
PA rate was good. Campground was skeazy. We would not have paid more then $15 a night for it. We just needed A/C for the night.
Nothing for the kids to do. City park was a short walk away. Lot of malls and shopping nearby. No pool. Sort of afraid to let the kids out or our sight. No cable. Did not charge extra for kids.
Old fella running the place was friendly enough. Didn't really have a lot to say. Just let us do our thing. Wasn't available much.
Non existent
Internet was weak. Had to hunt down manager to get password. Dropped a lot. Was only good at front of campground.
Site was ok size with some grass. Site was paved, but not level. Full Hook ups, but no cable. Huge variation in sites, didn't get a good looks at others.
Non existent.
We basically just needed A/C for the night. Let us leave late.

George Washington Carver museum

Took a trip to the George Washington Carver Monument/Museum. They had a short film about him and I was so happy that they did not cut God out of his story. The man was truly amazing in his faith, his science, and his personality. His character alone is something we should all strive for. Such a humble man.


Big Red Barn RV Park – Carthage, MO

5089 Cl 138
Carthage, MO 64836
(417) 358-2432

Dates Stayed: July 5th-7th, 2010 (late checkout)
Site Type: Full hook up pull thru with cable
Price: $15 a night using Passport America

Big Red Barn RV Park
Owner gave us 3 nights of PA rate when they normally only do 2 and she did not charge us extra for the kids even though the brochure said they did.
Playground equipment was shared with the church next door and pretty ratty. No pool on site. Not a lot of places for the kids to play or ride bikes.
Owner was friendly, although sometimes seemed forced and gave us a deal. She didn't have many if any helpers, so sometimes you had to go find her if you needed something.
No Pool on site.
WIFI was fast and reliable with good connection speeds and no drops.
Level gravel pull through spots with concrete pads to step out on to. Included picnic table and small tree. Site was ok size. No fire ring. Easy hookups.
Laundry available at this site. Equipment was old and didn't work great. Laundry room was small and dingy.
Had a sharing library, kitchen, pool table, and weight equipment. Everything was sort of old and well used looking. Campground was nice looking. Good things for families to do nearby.
This was a decent campground. For $15 a night we really couldn't go wrong. There are other campgrounds in the area, but prices were higher. This campground was easy to get to and had some free things to do with the kids. We went to Precious Moments, Civil War history museum, George Washington Carver museum and some other stuff while there.

Civil War Museum

Today we took a trip to a small civil war museum. It was very tiny, but had some very interesting stuff in it. Sure my bro in law, Harry, would have loved it.