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We had to get a new grill. Our old one had a mouse nest in it and was well worn. So to Walmart we went. Got a new one, little bigger and made burgers tonight.


Precious Moments Tour

Today, after work, we went and took a tour of the Precious Moments Chapel.  All I could think on the tour was, wow, mom and dad would love this. 🙂  I think that of a lot of places we have visited lately.  "The Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO is the creation of artist Samuel J. Butcher as a gift of thanks to God; recognizing the many blessings given by God. The Chapel has often been described as “America’s Sistine Chapel” as an artful representation of Michelangelo’s own Sistine Chapel in Rome."

We had a good time strolling around.  I am a little tense with my children.  I feel like they are regressing, I thought me being with them would bring in some discipline.

Dad you have got to check out the kids play house Sam built for his grand kids.  There was a big creek running through the property and so he built an island with a castle on it.  Pretty sweet.  We weren't allowed to go see it, but the grounds and the buildings were amazing.  You would have loved it.

Anyhow, on to the pictures.


Carthage, MO

Well we came up to Carthage, MO to do a couple jobs in Joplin.  Decent little campground called the Big Red Barn RV Park, .  Sites are nice and level with a concrete pad in front of the steps for a picnic table, but they have no playground and no pool.  Plenty of space for either.  In this campers opinion they should spend the $500 to put in a nice wooden play ground thing.  It would sure make a lot of difference to the kids who happen to stay here.

Branson Landing Fireworks

Last night we went down to Branson Landing (its a mall) and watched the fireworks.  We had to wait for 2 hours for them to start.  Kids were starting to lose interest.  They were decent fireworks tho.  Nothing spectacular, but the kids liked them.

On the way there, we had to walk over a bridge over a muddy little inlet on the lake.  There was hundreds of turtles hanging out in there.  Hopefully you can see them in the pix.  Just crazy, I had never seen so many turtles before.


Setup in a “free” spot

Thanks to our friends Carl & Andrea and his mom. We met up with Jim and he let us park in his driveway. Our poor van could not pull the overloaded camper up the 19% grade and Jim ended up having to tow us up to the top of the mountain with his truck. We have decided that our next vehicle will be a big diesel truck. The van just sucks gas down and doesn't quite have the power we thought it would. Now if we could find a custom builder to build us a van with a cummins and 6 spd allison, that would be something. 🙂

Anyhow, Jims place is really nice and its sort of secluded. We will probably head out on Sunday after church since I have a job to do a couple hours away in Joplin, MO.  Jim will have to tow the camper back out to the main road for us.

The setting here is just lovely.
Here's the kids and I playing UNO. There is a lot of wild life around.  Something has made a nest in this tree.
And I think this is a road runner.  He walked like the cartoon character.  (found out later it was, and they kill poisonous snakes, but they are annoying loud under the camper in the morning.)

Getting ready to move on again.

Well we have to check out of here by 11am from this camp ground. It has been a great place to stay and the staff is uber friendly and helpful. We got it for $18 a night with Passport America and they helped us get parked, they brought the mail right to the camper, and they gave us free ice cream and extra firewood when we bought some. Super nice owners and the rest of the staff was very friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend Ozark Country Campground to anyone. Visit their website here.

For now we are going to head up to a new friend house for a couple days. They need some computer help and then we will head to Springfield, MO to do a job.

I think I fixed it.

I think I got it all back up and working again. Bunch of pix are still missing. Going to have to work on that later.

I broke the whole darn site.

Oy, today I made a huge mistake and deleted the wrong folder on my server. And like an idiot I had not made a back up of it. I luckily still had the database backed up. So while I reinstall all the junk that made my website great. You will have to look at this. 🙂 Also, it dumped all the pictures. So sorry for that. Perhaps I can put them back up after I fix the rest of the site. What a ton of work down the drain. Backup, backup, and backup again!


Ozark Country Campground – Branson, MO

679 Quebec Drive
Branson, MO 65616-9573
(417) 334-4681

Dates stayed: June 26th-July 1st, 2010
Site type: Full Hookup
Price: $18 a night with Passport America

We stayed at this one because we wanted to see Branson, MO. Branson would be a great family get away if we had a lot more money. We could not afford to do anything fun while we were there. This campground was pretty decent, although the spot they put us on was one of the poorer spots they had (sort of on the side of a hill).

Ozark Country Campground
Camp took Passport America making it only $18 a night. Great value, if you have PA Club.
This was a semi gated campground. No one speeding. The playground was lousy, but the pool was nice and there was a big field for the kids to play in.
Super friendly staff. Took us to our site, helped us get backed in, even hand delivered the firewood. Also one of the guys gave my kids free ice cream just because he ordered too many extra. They even helped out one family whose RV caught fire pulling up the mountain.
Nice pool. Good size. Good temp. Tables and chairs around. No life guard.
WIFI was ok at this site. It was free. We had ok signal strength, speed was ok. No cut outs.
Gravel spot with shade. However it was very slanty as it was at the edge of the campground which was on top of a mountain. Did have a fire ring and a picnic table, but we had to be careful we did tip over.
Lots of room. Ironing board and iron available. Prices ok. Equipment clean. No rust in water. Dryers had to be fed more money to get the job done.
Camp store with the typical stuff. Library on site for book exchange. Pool table available in laundry library. Big commons pavilion with grills. On site movie rental in the store.
This campground was good for the price we paid. The extra amenities were not much to write home about, but it was nice to see the extras. Plenty of shade on all but the premium spots. Some are nicer then others. The premium spots looked awesome. They were concrete, had nice tables with umbrellas. Very plush, if you are willing to pay extra.