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Made it to Louisville, KY well close anyhow.

Last night we stayed at a Walmart parking lot. Not bad, little warm. I am going to see about getting a generate so we don't sweat all night long when boon docking.

Now we are actually camping in Indiana but it's the closest campground to downtown Louisville, KY.

This campground probably won't get high ranks from us. It's way to tight. Our awning can not even go the whole way out.
The swimming pool is actually in the Holiday .5 mile up the road. I suppose this is nice, because you can use it year round, but it sort of stinks you have to hop in the car or walk to get to it. The play ground here is old and stuck over behind the propane. Not family friendly. I suppose if your old and never leave your camper then it's fine.

At least we don't have to move this week. We just stay put. That will be nice. Hopefully we can do some fun stuff.

Some of the photos are of the windmill farms we passed. Hundreds of windmills for as far as the eye could see with corn planted under them. At least Indiana know how to use their space and wind. 🙂

Missed a couple days.

Well I have posted in a couple of days due to the fact that we have been driving some more. Any one who has looked at our travel map will see that we are now in Illinois again and on our way to Kentucky. Haven't been to Louisville, KY before so it should be fun. This time we will be able stay parked in one spot the whole week. That will make life much more tolerable. 🙂

We stopped at the Mall of America in Minnesota before leaving. Really the only fun thing we did while in MN. The mall was immence. Has an indoor amusement park. Check out and see for yourself. 🙂 I spent a ton of money this week. At MOA I finally got my new Sprint EVO phone running android. Loving it. Hopefully the service will keep up with the AT&T I have had for the last 10 years. I also took the kids to the Rain Forest Cafe. They had a blast there. We sat in the gorilla room. Keturah didn't like the noise, but enjoyed seeing everything else. They had this awesome yellow eel in one of their tanks. It really was fun and we got a ton of food. Only cost us $78 hahaha. Seems like a rip off still, but you only live once and can't take money with you when you die. Shelli told me money didn't grow on tree, and I said "Nope it grows at McDonalds!" Haha, Thanks McDonalds and NCR for funding my families adventure. Thanks God for giving me enough talent and people skills to keep landing awesome jobs.

So we are packing up now and leaving the mosquito infest Illinois (we don't like Illinois because of the skeeters, they are just evil here.) and we are heading for Kentucky. Only like an 8 hour trip from here, so we should get in late tonight.

Might stay at a Jelly Stone just for the fun of it. I will post more pix after I get internet, but for now here are the ones from my phone.

Driving, Working, being sick….

Did 3 jobs yesterday. All while have a horrid fever and huge headache. The symptoms were all very flu like except that I wasn't throwing up or anything. It was awful. Shelli tried to drive and one point and could not control the camper. Lasted 2 minutes and we had to switch back. After we set up at our second camp spot, she did drive me to the last job. I had to ride with my eyes shut, my head hurt so bad. I hope I didn't forget anything.

We are currently near Duluth, MN in a city park. It's not bad. Full hook ups with WIFI available and Spirit Lake is along one edge, so that should be fun. They also have late check out for an extra $10.

I have 3 more jobs to do today then we roll on to the next city. I am getting really tired of moving every day. The good news is I feel much better today.

More driving. Now in Minnesota.

Well, we were just in Nebraska a week ago, then back to Pittsburgh, PA (2,800 miles in a week). Now we have driven clear back over to Minnesota (1,059 miles). Anyone looking at our travel map would have to assume we are nuts. We have been west and back like 4 times now. Oy.

I need a couple weeks in one place so I can have a decent relaxing weekend. I am sick of driving. I think we all are.

The current campground is a KOA. It was expensive, but then aren't all KOA's? I haven't stayed in a fairly priced one yet. This one does have free breakfast in the morning, but still I have stayed in cheaper hotels that were a little nicer.

Ok enough whining. Here are some pix from our road trip here. They include the usual welcome signs, 6 people crammed in a cab, a cool old bus RV, and our current mini camp site complete, with mini table, mini pool and mini yard. 🙂

Decent little hidden campground.

On our way to Minnesota, we stopped at this camp that is s community owned members only place. It's not even marked at the highway or on maps, but they have parking for Passport America and Coast to Coast club members. It was $12.50 for the night and they have a pool. Pretty decent. But alas no Internet.

View out the trailer window. 🙂

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Someone needed a nap

This was at Texas Road House in Butler, PA. Dinner was cheap as Tristian never eats much, Ash wasn't with us, and Eli passed out before we ordered.

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More driving ahead

Looks like we are headed to Minnesota next. We just drove from Nebraska to Pittsburgh, now we drive back west again. *sigh* I have let them know they need to be smarter with their routing.

Oh well. It is an adventure.

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RV/MH museum in Elkhart, IN

This is just a picture post. We stopped and looked at the old RVs and Motor Homes. It was fun to see how creative they were with space back then. I think we have lost some of that in our modern RVs.

Final days in Nebraska

On our last day in Nebraska we drove to Omaha and hung out with the Weed family. Many of you will remember that we met this full timing family while we were in St. Charles a month or so ago. They are a ton of fun. I finally got to see the inside of their "house", and it's big. I like it. Their truck is also awesome and big. 🙂 We hung out in the A/C chit chatting until Kevin got home from work, then they introduced us to Culvers. Pretty decent. Then it was more miles back to PA. We did almost 2800 miles in 1 week. Pfew!

On the drive through Iowa we came across a flash flood that had buried quite a bit in its path. It was only 4ft from coming over the highway. There are also a few funny pix. Like the two trucks both with Right Lane Closed signs on the back and they were driving side by side in both lanes. Hrmm... No lanes open apparently. Then the Jeep hauling a Jeep tow was funny too. We camped at another "No Tell Motel", as Shelli calls them, in Indiana. It was $18 for the night and so worth it to have the A/C. This one was a little nicer feeling then the first one we stayed at. 🙂

We rolled back into Big Oak Ridge right before 8pm on Saturday.

Hey! Weren’t we just there?

So, the company we are currently working for, in all their infinite corporate wisdom are sending us to Pittsburgh next. That would have been nice to know. Shelli and the kids would have stayed home and I would have zoomed out here to Nebraska, did these 8 jobs and zoomed back home and been home for the funeral and everything. Grrr... Oh well. Just the way life goes I guess. We are now in Iowa on our way back to Pennsylvania. Again.