Final days in Nebraska

On our last day in Nebraska we drove to Omaha and hung out with the Weed family. Many of you will remember that we met this full timing family while we were in St. Charles a month or so ago. They are a ton of fun. I finally got to see the inside of their “house”, and it’s big. I like it. Their truck is also awesome and big. 🙂 We hung out in the A/C chit chatting until Kevin got home from work, then they introduced us to Culvers. Pretty decent. Then it was more miles back to PA. We did almost 2800 miles in 1 week. Pfew!

On the drive through Iowa we came across a flash flood that had buried quite a bit in its path. It was only 4ft from coming over the highway. There are also a few funny pix. Like the two trucks both with Right Lane Closed signs on the back and they were driving side by side in both lanes. Hrmm… No lanes open apparently. Then the Jeep hauling a Jeep tow was funny too. We camped at another “No Tell Motel”, as Shelli calls them, in Indiana. It was $18 for the night and so worth it to have the A/C. This one was a little nicer feeling then the first one we stayed at. 🙂

We rolled back into Big Oak Ridge right before 8pm on Saturday.

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