More driving. Now in Minnesota.

Well, we were just in Nebraska a week ago, then back to Pittsburgh, PA (2,800 miles in a week). Now we have driven clear back over to Minnesota (1,059 miles). Anyone looking at our travel map would have to assume we are nuts. We have been west and back like 4 times now. Oy.

I need a couple weeks in one place so I can have a decent relaxing weekend. I am sick of driving. I think we all are.

The current campground is a KOA. It was expensive, but then aren’t all KOA’s? I haven’t stayed in a fairly priced one yet. This one does have free breakfast in the morning, but still I have stayed in cheaper hotels that were a little nicer.

Ok enough whining. Here are some pix from our road trip here. They include the usual welcome signs, 6 people crammed in a cab, a cool old bus RV, and our current mini camp site complete, with mini table, mini pool and mini yard. 🙂

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