Missed a couple days.

Well I have posted in a couple of days due to the fact that we have been driving some more. Any one who has looked at our travel map will see that we are now in Illinois again and on our way to Kentucky. Haven’t been to Louisville, KY before so it should be fun. This time we will be able stay parked in one spot the whole week. That will make life much more tolerable. 🙂

We stopped at the Mall of America in Minnesota before leaving. Really the only fun thing we did while in MN. The mall was immence. Has an indoor amusement park. Check out http://mallofamerica.com and see for yourself. 🙂 I spent a ton of money this week. At MOA I finally got my new Sprint EVO phone running android. Loving it. Hopefully the service will keep up with the AT&T I have had for the last 10 years. I also took the kids to the Rain Forest Cafe. They had a blast there. We sat in the gorilla room. Keturah didn’t like the noise, but enjoyed seeing everything else. They had this awesome yellow eel in one of their tanks. It really was fun and we got a ton of food. Only cost us $78 hahaha. Seems like a rip off still, but you only live once and can’t take money with you when you die. Shelli told me money didn’t grow on tree, and I said “Nope it grows at McDonalds!” Haha, Thanks McDonalds and NCR for funding my families adventure. Thanks God for giving me enough talent and people skills to keep landing awesome jobs.

So we are packing up now and leaving the mosquito infest Illinois (we don’t like Illinois because of the skeeters, they are just evil here.) and we are heading for Kentucky. Only like an 8 hour trip from here, so we should get in late tonight.

Might stay at a Jelly Stone just for the fun of it. I will post more pix after I get internet, but for now here are the ones from my phone.

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