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Well we left Big Oak Ridge Saturday around 10:30ish. Grandma was not doing well, so I ran in to pray with her one last time and let her know I loved her and would see again in heaven. We hitched up and headed on down the road. We drove all day Saturday, we did stop eat a couple times. We stopped in Iowa at a rest stop for the night. They have decent rest stops with plenty of parking and room for the slide outs. I had a pretty restful nights sleep. Probably because I was exhausted from all the driving. We ended up doing a little over 1,100 miles in two days.

In the morning we ate breakfast and started driving again. We were headed for North Platte, NE for one job. I figured it we could get within an hour of there and find a campground that would work for me. We ended up finding a campground/motel that was super cheap and fit the bill. It was $25 a night for full hookup, but it was scary. The one guy said it was $17 for the day or $25 for the night. Yeah, one of those places. Sort of the type of place you keep your doors locked.

We stayed there two night doing the MCD project and then packed up today and back tracked to Grand Island, NE. This campground is decent. Has a pool and laundry. I have two jobs to do tomorrow and then we pack up head to Licoln, NE. I only have 8 jobs to do this week which stinks paycheck wise, but will be nice to take it easy a bit since they are really far apart.

My grandma past away Sunday night. She was a great Christian woman. One of the cousins figured out that with kids, grandkids, greatkids and all their spouses her family was over 80 people. That's more then some churches and clubs have. Quite a legacy. She will be missed, but we all know that such a saint is in heaven right now rejoicing with the angles. We love you grandma!

Now on to the pictures!

Papa sleeps….

while the rest of us hung out around the fire, then got bored and did other stuff. He woke up and he was the only one sitting there. Oops. 🙂

Bumper Version 2.0

Well after our last fiasco of trying to mount a bike rack on a super flimsy bumper, we decided to make it better. Some folks had said the bumper was aluminum, but thankfully it was not. So we got some heavy gauge angle iron from our good friend Chris S. and he came over and welded it up all pretty for us. It is now tied into the frame with the heavy gauge angle and we fully wrapped the bottom of the chintzy bumper with angle. Chris was also able to weld the old bumper back in place. I then spray painted it and loaded it back up. Should be good for a million miles. 🙂


Well looks like we are headed for Nebraska for work next week. It's about 20hrs from where we are now. I have never been to Nebraska and we have some friends who full time and they are headed to Omaha, so maybe we can see them again. I am not looking forward to 2 days of driving.

Hanging at the Big Oak Ridge and birthdays

Today was Shelli and Ashlynnes birthday. I had to work. 🙁 I think they had a good day.

Yesterday we washed the van and the camper, then I let the kids wash papa's truck. They had a soaking wet blast.

Today I drove from B.O.R. to Vienna, VA and back again just for a 1 hour site survey. Not really enough pay for a whole day burned up, but oh well.


Leaving the Gasbarros

This morning we had waffles, lovingly made by grandpa Dave, and they were delicious. Then we sat around a bit (I napped), we said our goodbyes, and we drove back to Big Oak Ridge. It was an easy trip and even easy to park this time now that I could see (it was dark last time). I have to do a ton of piddly paperwork type work this week and one job in D.C. on Tuesday. Blah. Tonight we watch Fantastic Mr. Fox and snapped beans. It was a nice wind down.

Columbus, OH

Came to Columbus, OH to do an Eddie Bauer store. It took much longer then it should have, but we did get it done and everything working great. While we were here Ash and I did some rock climbing. We had birthday cake with Grandma Patti and Grandpa Dave, and hung around the camp fire. This morning we had delicious home made waffles for breakfast. We will drive back to Big Oak Ridge this afternoon and should be there for dinner. I have one job to do back down near D.C. so I will cruise down there do it and zoom back.