Made it to Dundee, OH

For anyone who follows up regularly, here’s a little update.

We spent last week at our friends house because our jobs got canceled so our campgrounds weren’t going to be covered. Had a great time with them and we took a day trip in to see the Statue of Liberty which was totally awesome. I recommend anyone who is within driving distance spend the money and learn about our great nation.

On Friday we got up early and headed to Lerch RV to get some minor repairs done on our camper. We have put about 20k miles on it already since we bought it in June. We really like our camper, but there was just a few little things that didn’t hold up well. I did run out of gas on the way as the previous post mentioned. I really thought I could make the final 12 miles on what was left, but the PA mountains and the head winds were against me. We made it an hour and a half late for our appointment. They fixed all the warranty stuff and then did some normal maintenance on bearings and brakes since we had some many miles on it ($85). Not bad.

After the repairs we went back to my parents house for the weekend. While there I built a center console to hold the kids TV and basically help clean up the clutter in the van. Went to church today and didn’t even warn anyone. 🙂 We also managed to get the van washed and the camper washed. It still had bugs from Nebraska on it. Ewwwwww!

After church we got out the winter clothes and warmer blankets from the space bags and packed up and headed to Dundee, OH for the next round of MCD work. This campground is very new (2008) and is pretty awesome. It is slightly more expensive then we like, but still cheaper then the crappy KOAs we have stayed at. Evergreen RV Park is smack in the heart of Amish country and only 17 minutes from my baby sister. So hopefully we get to see her while we are here. Two weeks ago they had a tornado hit, so I am hoping that’s not going to happen again.

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