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Todays fun.

This morning we hit the beach (of course) then we came back had lunch and did laundry. Ick. I did up my paperwork while Shelli checked and switched laundry. Then we headed in to check out historic St. Augustine. Unfortunately we had a bit of late start, and being lousy tourists that we are (we don't like to spend money to just to see stuff), we didn't do much more then drive around. We did stop and see the lighthouse, but we weren't paying $40 to go up in and Thing 4 was too small to be allowed anyhow. So then we drove by the castle, but it was already too late to get tickets for that. We kept driving (Shelli wanted to see the old town). We did find a merry go round that was only $1. So we stopped and let the kids ride that and play at the playground. We explored a bit more by car, then decided to find some place to eat on the beach. Not as easy as it sounds. We actually drove on the beach looking. Finally found a place and it didn't look like much. We stopped and went in. High prices as you would expect. Service was ok. My food was good. Not sure about anyone elses. Bill was $85!! Suddenly the lighthouse looked better. 🙂

All in all it was a good day. I do miss my 4x4 though. Next one will definitely have 4 wheel drive.

More beach photos!

Today we went swimming in the ocean. Yay! I love the waves. Sometimes when I am out there surrounded by all that power I can't help but wonder if God made it just for me. 🙂 I just love nature. It just shows how awesome God really is. Created it all just because He could. Simply amazing. I never tire of it.

I also had so much fun teaching Ashlynne how to body surf. What a blast!

On to the pix!

Finally made it to Florida and the OCEAN!!

Any of you who know me, know I love the ocean. I once told my mom I wanted to grow up and be a beach bum. Thankfully the good Lord sought a more productive path for me. We drove like 4 hours last night into Georgia. Worked this morning then drove another 7 or so hours to a beach front camp ground in Florida. We hurridly set up, grabbed flash lights and ran for the beach. It was awesome! We got to poke some washed up jelly fish (mark down science in the school log!). And the sand here is that crazy white sand that is so soft feeling. I forgot what it felt like. Tristian was scared of the dark, but the rest of the kids enjoyed it. Can't wait till morning to go swim in the waves!

More Chattanooga, TN stuff

Here are just some more pix from Chattanooga, TN

We went down town to the train hotel. Got free waffles at Waffle House and just tried to enjoy ourselves in the rainy yucky weather.

PS. using my phone for internet so the pix are failing. I will keep trying.

New Mattress

When we bought this camper, the brochure said deluxe inner spring mattress for our bed. Well the mattress was neither deluxe or inner spring and Lerch RV was good enough to replace it for us. However, the manufacture sent another non deluxe non inner spring mattress. So rather then bother , who has been great to us, we went straight to Keystone, the trailer manufacture. They would not really comment on the fact that they lied in their brochure, instead they offered us $250 towards a new mattress. So Shelli, being the amazing woman that she is, found a local mattress factory that would custom make a mattress to fit our camper (its shorter then a normal queen). It was only like $320 for a super nice pillow top. These pix show us cutting up the old one to prove it's not inner spring. We put it on Ashlynnes bed to give her a bit more comfort. The new mattress has a 20 year warranty, but its much taller so now we have to be careful not to hit our heads on the cupboards and the kids can't get up on it. It's very comfy and I have had a couple good nights sleeps now.

Homeschooling on the Road

There are many ways to do it, but make sure you check the states laws from where you are from. PA is kinda strict. We tried a virtual charter but were told that if we were not going to be IN PA then it was not really an option. So, we called the school district, and they said no problem. They had the books ready in a day.
We spend another day filling out paper work and filing them with the school district. I also took some time talking to a good friend of mine about what I really needed to do. I have quite a few PA homeschooling friends, which make things really nice when I have questions.

A few problems with getting books from district are that my kindergartener was only given a consumable Phonics book ... yep, just one book. My 2nd grader was given nothing for History, or Language Arts. Luckily, I still had some things left over from the charter schooling days that fill in the blanks ok.

Filling out logs in a pain. I am sooo behind. I write everything on paper and keep in it a book until I get around to getting it on the computer ... I should really get to that soon.

Achievement test, they have to take them but this year I lucked out ... they don't have to take them because it is not required for the grades they are in. 🙂

Thing I found to make it a little easier is cycle the littler ones through the bathtub. It keeps them occupied for a while and get them outta the other kids way so they can actually think. My bedroom with a closing door and a 13 inch TV also gets used with the little ones so that a TV is not in the same room as the ones doing school.

Ok, I really should be getting back to the reality in the other room ...

Thought of the day.

If you travel and stay at places on a weekly or nightly level at all, you should really check out Passport America. The link is over there ---->
We were looking at campground in Florida and there are a few that are around 60$ but with Passport they are only $30. So, the $49 start up seems kinda spendy at first, but we have well made our money back from that.
When we were traveling when it was blazing hot, we stayed at some places off the interstate for like 10-15 a night so we could have A/C.

Oh, and don't forget to tell them we sent you. They have decent perks for getting other people to sign up too. If I get 5 of you to do it I get it for free next year ... but only if you tell them we sent you. Then you get 5 of your friends to sign up and you get it free next year too!

Best Holiday Trav-L-Park – Chattanooga, TN

Here with the whole family for business as usual.

1709 Mack Smith Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37412
(706) 891-9766‎
N 34.97936°
W 85.21293°

Dates Stayed: 20101024 to 20101029
Site Type: Gravel pull thru, 30 amp full hookup with cable
Price: $183 with Good Sam

Campground Name
Price was good. Although there are a lot of huge puddles when it rains and the WiFi is shoddy at best.
Play ground equipment consisted of a wooden train, and a swing set. There are some hiking trails as well. Decent area for the kids to stretch their legs even the playground is a little boring. They do have a pool, but it is closed this time of year.
Staff was very friendly with us.
Private showers. Bathrooms separate from showers. Each shower is it's own private stall open outside.
WiFi available, but could not reliably connect to it from our site or the pavilion. Connect was slow when we did connect.
Spot was level gravel, but the grass part was lower and there for filled with water when it rained. Not all sites are like this, we would have chosen if we had known. Had fire ring and table. Just not much room.
Onsite laundry. Clean, well maintained equipment.
Nice looking cabins and season spots.
Location not bad. Easy access to Chattanooga. Felt the price was fair. Wish it hadn't rained, they definitely need better drainage and some fill dirt.

Edit: After all the rain was done, they came through and put down more gravel and raked it to try to stop the puddles. The water did seem to dry up quickly even though it pooled easily.

Just for fun!

We saw a real life Barbie Jeep at the Walmart tonight!

Other “mods”

Some things don't really count as a mod, but we did change from stock for or add these:

Wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer
Moved the front coat rack down where the kids could reach it
Added a corner shower caddy in the shower
Mac mini media center with 1TB drive full of shows and movies (never gets used)
Desk in rear bead room for my laptop (blocks the back door)
latches on the rear bed so it doesn't lift up while driving
extra latch on top drawer because it kept coming open
power tongue jack
new mattress
towel hooks for 6 towels
hand towel rack in bathroom
rear sliding door stoppers
wall mounted Roomba Vacuum
sliding drawers in bathroom cupboards
leveler bubbles
second fire extinguisher in rear bedroom
Surge strips in because there just wasn't the outlets that we needed in the right places.