Other “mods”

Some things don’t really count as a mod, but we did change from stock for or add these:

Wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer
Moved the front coat rack down where the kids could reach it
Added a corner shower caddy in the shower
Mac mini media center with 1TB drive full of shows and movies (never gets used)
Desk in rear bead room for my laptop (blocks the back door)
latches on the rear bed so it doesn’t lift up while driving
extra latch on top drawer because it kept coming open
power tongue jack
new mattress
towel hooks for 6 towels
hand towel rack in bathroom
rear sliding door stoppers
wall mounted Roomba Vacuum
sliding drawers in bathroom cupboards
leveler bubbles
second fire extinguisher in rear bedroom
Surge strips in because there just wasn’t the outlets that we needed in the right places.

  • Shelli

    October 28th, 2010

    I also found that a nice 2-3 drawer plastic storage thing fits nicely between the bed and wall. That is what I use for my socks and unders. It does have to be moved up close to the built in wardrobe for moving, but is a nice addition to free up some drawer space.
    We use those storage cubes for kids toys in their beds. If it didn’t fit in there it did not come with us.
    We use the cardboard 4 drawer things in each of the lower bunks for childrens unders and socks.
    Altho the 4 bunks really fit our needs, the wardrobe space up there is no where close to what is needed for 4 people up there.

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