Homeschooling on the Road

There are many ways to do it, but make sure you check the states laws from where you are from. PA is kinda strict. We tried a virtual charter but were told that if we were not going to be IN PA then it was not really an option. So, we called the school district, and they said no problem. They had the books ready in a day.
We spend another day filling out paper work and filing them with the school district. I also took some time talking to a good friend of mine about what I really needed to do. I have quite a few PA homeschooling friends, which make things really nice when I have questions.

A few problems with getting books from district are that my kindergartener was only given a consumable Phonics book … yep, just one book. My 2nd grader was given nothing for History, or Language Arts. Luckily, I still had some things left over from the charter schooling days that fill in the blanks ok.

Filling out logs in a pain. I am sooo behind. I write everything on paper and keep in it a book until I get around to getting it on the computer … I should really get to that soon.

Achievement test, they have to take them but this year I lucked out … they don’t have to take them because it is not required for the grades they are in. 🙂

Thing I found to make it a little easier is cycle the littler ones through the bathtub. It keeps them occupied for a while and get them outta the other kids way so they can actually think. My bedroom with a closing door and a 13 inch TV also gets used with the little ones so that a TV is not in the same room as the ones doing school.

Ok, I really should be getting back to the reality in the other room …

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