New Mattress

When we bought this camper, the brochure said deluxe inner spring mattress for our bed. Well the mattress was neither deluxe or inner spring and Lerch RV was good enough to replace it for us. However, the manufacture sent another non deluxe non inner spring mattress. So rather then bother , who has been great to us, we went straight to Keystone, the trailer manufacture. They would not really comment on the fact that they lied in their brochure, instead they offered us $250 towards a new mattress. So Shelli, being the amazing woman that she is, found a local mattress factory that would custom make a mattress to fit our camper (its shorter then a normal queen). It was only like $320 for a super nice pillow top. These pix show us cutting up the old one to prove it’s not inner spring. We put it on Ashlynnes bed to give her a bit more comfort. The new mattress has a 20 year warranty, but its much taller so now we have to be careful not to hit our heads on the cupboards and the kids can’t get up on it. It’s very comfy and I have had a couple good nights sleeps now.

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