Todays fun.

This morning we hit the beach (of course) then we came back had lunch and did laundry. Ick. I did up my paperwork while Shelli checked and switched laundry. Then we headed in to check out historic St. Augustine. Unfortunately we had a bit of late start, and being lousy tourists that we are (we don’t like to spend money to just to see stuff), we didn’t do much more then drive around. We did stop and see the lighthouse, but we weren’t paying $40 to go up in and Thing 4 was too small to be allowed anyhow. So then we drove by the castle, but it was already too late to get tickets for that. We kept driving (Shelli wanted to see the old town). We did find a merry go round that was only $1. So we stopped and let the kids ride that and play at the playground. We explored a bit more by car, then decided to find some place to eat on the beach. Not as easy as it sounds. We actually drove on the beach looking. Finally found a place and it didn’t look like much. We stopped and went in. High prices as you would expect. Service was ok. My food was good. Not sure about anyone elses. Bill was $85!! Suddenly the lighthouse looked better. 🙂

All in all it was a good day. I do miss my 4×4 though. Next one will definitely have 4 wheel drive.

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