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Tire Pressure Monitor

Since we had a blow out one the way home last time, I decided it was worth the investment to get a tire pressure monitor for the trailer. It was not cheap. About $259 at Camping World, but to keep my family safe, totally worth it.

Added a $49.99 stabilizer

We kept having problems with the trailer rocking side to side. Especially with the rear slide out.

We went to camping world and looked at stabilizers. I wasn't sure if I could install the BAL arms or if I wanted to spend $300 on stabilizing. So we figure for $50 we could try this one. If it didn't work we could return it.

Well after super easy setup and test. AMAZING!!!!! No more side to side rocking! YAY!!

Drive to Chattanooga, TN

We made our 16 hour trek to Chattanooga, TN safe and sound. The drive wasn't horrible. Kids were mostly good. Only bad thing is the internet here is not working. Good thing I switched to Sprint and have unlimited usage on it.

Here's a few pix from our drive. The usual crossing state lines, nice scenery, our giant rig, a poser shot to try to win the Good Sam game and others.

Welcoming commitee!

I made it back home late last night. Today I was awakened by several wee ones coming to hug and smooch me. It also ended up in a tickle fight. I missed my family. 🙂

While Daddy is gone the kids must play

Well, Ryan is in San Antonio, TX this week ... without us. Grandma decided we should all do something fun today, so we hopped in the car and I drove to a location I didn't know where I was going to with some directions from Grandma. We ended up a the A*Mazing Corn Maze in Lucinda, PA. We had a great time. I had packed a lunch so we did some of the maze then ate, then finished it out. It was pretty cool and Papa navigated us through it with the map rather flawlessly. Here are a few pics.

This is why we take our house with us….

So for the first time since June I had to goto a job that I couldn't take the trailer and the family with me. The company I am working for didn't let me book my own stuff or even give me a choice. I was just emailed flight (first time flying in over 2 years) plans and booking info. This is what I ended up with. Possibly the worst hotel I have ever been in. Not good and won't happen again.

A Week of Mondays

We drove from Philly, PA to Columbus, OH for training. It was training for installs when I do site surveys. Someone decided if we were trained on installs it would help us do better site surveys. Columbus is ok we know people there so that wasn't bad.

First day there we blew a water line while Shelli was in the shower. Terrible thing was, we just had it for service and picked it up on our way from Philly to OH. We told them it was leaking water somewhere and they determined that it was the heat vent not being sealed up. When I saw water on the floor again I decided to try to find it. It looked like one of the pipes to the outside sink was wet so I went to touch it to check and it literally fell apart in my hand. The plastic twist on end had completely split. We always use a pressure regulator so it wasn't that. Piece almost looked like it had been glued.

So of course everything got wet. I had to tear out the outside sink/grill combo to access and repair. Plus had to run to Lowes and get a new pipe to fix it. Got it fixed and then had to quickly run off to work.

The next day the weld on our table snapped making it useless. The camper also settled on the slide out side and was leaning bad enough the doors were sticking, so we had to hook up and move it.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, although the motor in one of the RC trucks blew. Which really stinks since it was only a few weeks old. Hopefully it's under warranty.

We did get to hang out with Dave, Patti, Gina and Kevin though and that was fun except I was sick to my stomach all day long. But we survived. I also got to hang out with my old room mate Ben the night before. So we did have some good times.

Last night about 5pm we found that I have to be in San Antonio, TX on Saturday to do more training on installs. They happen at night and not at all what I signed up for nor what I want to be doing. They tell me it's only for the week and that I will be paid $1,000 for it. Sure as heck hope they aren't yanking me around. I have to fly out of Pittsburgh airport, so we decided to come home and park since the family can't go with me this time.

On the way home we blew a trailer tire. Not sure when it blew or how long we drove with it blown. Someone flagged us down at a red light in Franklin, PA and told us. Luckily we just had to turn into Franklin Service and Supply and get a new one put on. It cost me $88.98, ouch! Luckily it didn't hurt my expensive aluminum wheel. He also checked all my other tire pressures. Worst part was, I had just checked the pressure when we stopped for lunch because the trailer felt a little squishy. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the blow out.)

Anyhow, we are home now. Hopefully Monday is over finally.

Ryan thinks I should tell everyone what I’ve been up to.

So ....
Most things are very enjoyable. I just really wish that the kids were a little more obedient, but, as parent, don't we all.
We have seen so many cool things and I really hope the kids remember all the fun things we did.
I have taken up a hobby. I now make clippies and barrettes. They can be found on Facebook under Shelli's Clippie Creations. They are for sale if anyone is interested.
I am never sure what to write, thus the reason I do not blog. However, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Home made wheel chocks.

So after reading up on the internet and being tired of not being able to keep the camper from rocking with generic wheels chocks, I decided to make some wheel locks. These wedge the between the tires and keep the camper from moving front to back. We just need figure out how to make it not shake side to side.

You can find plans on the internet but you can tell from the photos how to do it. Just some 5/8 threaded rod and some pieces of 4x4. I cut them 7 1/4" at the top, then just sort of guessed at the angle. Took a couple of cuts, I started wide and moved in until it fit right. I need 4 more nuts to lock it tight on the end that shouldn't move. Cost the most to buy the ratcheting wrench to tighten it and loosen it.

Driving in the fall

Just wanted to share some photos of the lovely scenery while we drove from Philly to Ohio.