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Finally used our Flojet RV waste pump.

Finally had a chance to use our Flojet RV waste pump kit that we bought online several months ago. The basic jist of this little wonder is that it allows you to empty your RV holding tanks into a toilet or sewer drain up to 75' away with a garden hose. Today I did it through a 100ft 5/8" garden hose into a toilet. It worked awesomely (if that's a word)! I did the front galley gray tank first just to test it. Emptied it from half full in about 3 minutes. Then I did the black tank from full. Took about 5-6 minutes to empty it. The rear gray took longer since it's the biggest tank, but still only about 8 minutes from full.

Check out my full review on the Has Been There site.

Virginia Zoo

So today field trip was to the Virginia Zoo. We hadn't used our zoo membership in a while and since the zoo was literally 2 minutes up the road, we decided to go make use of it and this nice fall day. The zoo isn't that big, but it's nice. Well laid out and easy to get to everything. I actually liked the smaller size because I wasn't totally exhausted when we were done. After the zoo it was back home for lunch and then some ornament making with Loretta.

Thanksgiving in a campground

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving campground style. 🙂 We had some friends come over and we deep fried a turkey. Shelli made a bunch of sides and some pumpkin rolls. Everything turned out great. Had a super fun time too. I love being in the south. It was like 70 here today. 🙂

Slightly Chilly

It was about 55 this morning in Stone Mountain, GA. Just a little chilly. Haha! We have to go get a few more things for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Prayerfully the weather holds and we have a nice day. We are doing Thanksgiving outside with some friends. Going to deep fry a turkey. Shelli has all the stuff for the sides and the leaves have been cleaned up around the camp site. I am really looking forward to it.

Researching Memberships

While researching Science Center memberships, I came across this ...

this place located near Dayton, Oh has memberships starting at $100 and they have reciprocity with the AZA and ASTC so that does not seem like a bad deal at all since I paid 75$ for the membership to the Louisville Zoo, for the AZA.

So Check it out ... or if you have a better deal please let me know! I am considering this as part of my kids Christmas presents. I need to decide quickly though so it makes it to my permanent address while I am there.

A few projects

I have been working on a few projects.  Part of what I do is design web sites.  So I have created a new one This is a forum for travelers to share stories and ideas.  You can also sign up to get your own blog as

Sign up today and help us build our new site.

I also built one for AB Deigns.  Check out

Contact me if you want or need a site of your own built.

Added a new favicon

Yay.  Dressed up the site a bit with a new favicon.  I had to clear my browser cache to get it to show up for me, but it's cool.

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

So in an effort to get in the Christmas spirit while being in warm climates and living in a camper. We have gotten some lighted garland and hung it around the slide out. We are looking for a small lighted tree that can sit in the corner of the dinette.

Stone Mountain, GA

Today we biked to Stone Mountain. Then we climbed it all the way to the top. It was pretty cool. Nice to exercise. The grownups have put on some weight and really need to be exercising more.

The kids did great with 3 year old thing 4 climbing all the way to the top of the mountain. I treated them all with Pizza Hut for dinner. 🙂

Playing together nicely

This was one of those rare moments when they all played together nicely without fighting. It was so nice that I had to capture some pix of it to remember. 🙂 No they really aren't bad kids. Some days the parents are just stressed which leads to kid stress, but overall we have a great family. The leaves were fun. We have procrastinated the cold by staying in Florida and things. Being up here in Georgia and then heading to Virginia, I guess we have to get ready to break out the jackets and put away the swim suits.

P.S. Thing 3 does not have an issue that requires him to wear a helmet, he just likes to wear it. He puts it on to ride his bike and then just leaves it on. He wants me to get him a hat. Maybe I should so people don't think he has a problem. LOL!