Ghost Hill Campground

Ghost Hill Campground
1295 Tuggle Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Phone: (678) 776-7108

Dates Stayed: 20101117-20101126
Site Type: Back in Full Hook ups
Price: $175 for the whole time

Ghost Hill Campground
This camp was inexpensive. Not a lot of amenities and some spaces are cramped, but it was cheap and near Atlanta and Stone Mountain.
We felt safe while here. The camp is slightly off the beaten path and the owner lives on site. It's very near the the local police station. Everyone we met was very friendly. This camp could use some playground equipment for the kids.
The owner was very nice and even gave us a discount after he heard our story.
We didn't use the bathrooms, but they have been newly remodeled and updated. They are kept locked to help keep them clean and private.
No internet available here. He is planning to get it. I told him I could help.
The camp sites could use some fresh gravel. This is an old campground with recent new ownership. Owner is working on updating. Site was not bad and with a little work will be nice.
No on site laundry. Several nice laundromats just up the road. We used Spin Cycle and were pleased
Very close to Stone Mountain and way way cheaper the Stone Mountain park.
Camp is older but cheap. Near some nice stuff and close to Atlanta, GA. With a little bit of work this could be a decent little campground.
  • Jimmy Hooker

    November 26th, 2010

    Ryan; thanks for the Review. You may be our first. I’ll have to set up a link to your sites/blogs.

    Your pictures of the grounds look better than the ones I took for the website. I may have to steal ’em.

    Thanks for staying. -Jimmy

  • Ryan

    November 26th, 2010

    Thanks. You can have the pix if you link back to our sites. 🙂 I could have taken more for you.

  • Lisa L

    June 28th, 2012

    I lived here from Feb until about 3 days ago when the owners participated in a horrible event that happened to me. First of all, I never could get level because the ground sinks underneath you. My power would go out multiple times a day due to frayed and low hanging wires. The showers I was assured were secure and clean. They actually smell like sewage and the door can be simply pulled open locked or no. Very filthy. Not only have I found paper towels and such thrown all over but, I found Graffitti and used condoms…disgusting. Instead of waiting for me to get out of the shower, the owner banged on the door to tell me he was leaving toilet paper outside for me to put up…seriously? You couldn’t wait? He claimed to offer free wifi however, that’s off his home router so you can’t pick it up unless you live next to his rig. The sewer lines broke about 3 times while I was there and if he makes any repairs, he just shuts off water and power and doesn’t even tell anyone. great when you’re trying to cook. He claimed it was a very safe area however, one person’s bicycle got stolen and there is a crackhead (literally saw the deals go down..owners do nothing) who lives on site in a home the owners GAVE him and he is allowed to work onsite despite him being a drug addict, literally insane, and constantly sexually harassing women. I resorted to jumping the barbed wire fence daily just to go to the store to avoid this guy he is so bad. I did tell the owners who had him working on site a day later…nice. Frequent gunfire is a nightly occurence and it is in a very high crime area. Hope you like the sound of sirens…it’s constant as well as the 24/7 barking dogs. A few days ago my boyfriend attempted to batter me and destroy my rv and my things. No one helped and no one called the police. Finally the police were notified by me and called. After the cops left the batterer returned to the property and they gave him MY rent money without asking me anything about it! Now he’s on the run from the law using the money THEY gave him which was MY money. They only take cash and I guess this is why. They seem to have a habit for helping the bad guy. After they returned MY rent money to him, the owner told me about it and that I was to leave the property. I told him that money was mine and he said “I bet it was.” and left. These people not only run the worst place I’ve ever been to, help the dregs of society, will allow criminal activity on the property, they’ll leave you homeless which they did to me. I did manage to get a call in to them and not only did they not pick up, they never called back, apologized, nothing. The cops weren’t called on me, I was not the one destroying property, stealing, and trying to beat women yet I’m the one who got kicked out, my money given to a criminal, sexually harassed, and left homeless. I do have witnesses to all of this. They say no drunks or drugs then explain the sexually harassing crackhead and drunken neighbors. As for a police presence? I’ve seen the cops drive thru about 4 times since Feb. I’m a former Paramedic of 7 years with PTSD who was the only one to ever pay rent to them and this is what I get? Homeless and not even an apology or MY money given to ME, not a known habitual criminal. Shoot, they couldn’t even call me back! Please don’t waste your time here and risk your health and safety! They will take your money and leave you abandoned and let the criminals have their way. There are MUCH better places to stay in the area with laundry, proper bathrooms that ARE secure, and less crime. That is unless you like staring at the cemetery you might end up in soon if you hang out. Believe me, you get what you pay for here…there’s a reason it’s cheap.

  • rj morrison

    January 2nd, 2016

    ref. lisa l. she moved in in a converted office trailer. the sewer system is for liquefied waste. she was using a commode for a house. no holding tanks. clogged the sewer line 3 x. had to snake them out.

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