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Ghost Hill Campground

Ghost Hill Campground
1295 Tuggle Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Phone: (678) 776-7108

Dates Stayed: 20101117-20101126
Site Type: Back in Full Hook ups
Price: $175 for the whole time

Ghost Hill Campground
This camp was inexpensive. Not a lot of amenities and some spaces are cramped, but it was cheap and near Atlanta and Stone Mountain.
We felt safe while here. The camp is slightly off the beaten path and the owner lives on site. It's very near the the local police station. Everyone we met was very friendly. This camp could use some playground equipment for the kids.
The owner was very nice and even gave us a discount after he heard our story.
We didn't use the bathrooms, but they have been newly remodeled and updated. They are kept locked to help keep them clean and private.
No internet available here. He is planning to get it. I told him I could help.
The camp sites could use some fresh gravel. This is an old campground with recent new ownership. Owner is working on updating. Site was not bad and with a little work will be nice.
No on site laundry. Several nice laundromats just up the road. We used Spin Cycle and were pleased
Very close to Stone Mountain and way way cheaper the Stone Mountain park.
Camp is older but cheap. Near some nice stuff and close to Atlanta, GA. With a little bit of work this could be a decent little campground.

Home made Stinky Slinky holder

We recently purchased an extra 5ft Rhino sewer hose. Which by the way are awesome. The Rhino hoses snap from about 2ft to about 15ft on the big one. Very cool and they hold their shape that you put it in and have swivel ends. We have set ours up with a Y coupler since we have two tanks. Worked out great, but now I had 4 different hoses to carry and the bumper only held two. So I had read about using PVC to make an extra carrier, but decided this 4x4" PVC deck post would work better. I used springs to hold one cap end on so that it could be snapped off to pull the sewer hose out. The other cap end I glued on with PVC cement that came the cap. I used 1/4" x 1" Carriage bolts to hold the springs in place. I put a couple washers and a nylon lock nut on to keep the whole thing from falling apart. I very happy with how it turned out for only about 15 minutes of work. I used some big UV indoor/outdoor zip strips to mount it on. I couldn't find hose clamps big enough and the zip strips where cheap and I have extras. I am pleased with how it worked and it travel well on its for maiden voyage.

Blue Angels air show

We had another amazing day on the Navy Base today. Today was the Blue Angels air show. It was amazing! I have never actually been to an airshow before. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the amazing things those super skilled pilots could make a plane do. I am not really into flying but I love to watch it!

Naval Aviation Museum

Today we decided to hit up the Navel Aviation Museum before the air show brought in big crowds and made it hard to get in. It was fun seeing all the old planes. Coolest thing was that many of them were actually pulled out of Lake Michigan where they used to train. Some of them were planes that no one else had ever had on display because they had been destroyed in WW2. The trainers were often used and shot up planes, so when they crashed into the lake no one would bother to retrieve them. They would grab the pilots up with a rescue boat and leave the plane to sink. The museum had a bunch of volunteers help to bring them to the surface and rebuild them for the museum. So cool!! I think I learned more on this field trip then the kids did. 🙂

I also got to sit in a fighter cock pit. Don't think I would like flying one, but it was neat any way. We had a good time and I learned some neat stuff.

After the trip we hit a Mexican restaurant and the kids got balloon animals.


Some site updates

Just to let you all know, this morning I did some site updates. There are now quick share links at the bottoms of posts to make it easier to share our blog posts with friends. I also added a mobile version for all you who try to read this blog with a Mobile device, it should now be much easier. Thank you for reading and following our adventure. May God bless you all as He has us.

Parked at a Jelly Stone camp

We are on our way to the west side of Florida and Alabama. We found a Jelly Stone that took Passport, so it was only $20 a night and it included everything. So we mini golfed, we did crafts, we played in the sand, rode our bikes, and even took a pedal boat ride on the lake. It's a nice place, but then most Jelly Stones are. I am sure during the summer it's really crowded, but in November the place is fairly empty. This one even has an ATV park as well which would have been sweet if we had a way to keep our ATV's. Oh well. Here's some pix. We had a great day.

Extra Storage under the couch.

Read about this mod online so I figured I would try it. Basically there is empty space under the couch going to waste. So I went to Lowes and got some heavy duty magnets and some Gorilla glue. I flipped the couch up and removed the 6 screws holding on the front cover (2 screws hold it to the floor in the back). There are big metal L brackets that hold that piece on so I left those. I used the Gorilla glue to attach the magnets to the front cover piece. Then it will just magnet right onto the brackets I left behind. Now Shelli will have a place to put the pots that are just awkward in the cupboards.

Velcro on the dinette pads

The dinette pads are always moving and sliding. So we had some super strong velcro from the screen room that I decided would work perfect to hold the cushions in place.


Today we moved from the beach to a state park in Gainesville. There is wild life every where. 🙂 We found turtle holes on the beach, but couldn't get pix of the turtles. Once we got to the state park we saw lizards, armadillos, deer, and squirrels. Pretty darn cool to be in so much nature!

Thing 3 goes to 2 wheels!!

So today we took a bike ride on the beach while the tide was out. Which is tons of fun if you have never done it. Thing 3 was cruising along pretty good, but his training wheels kept hitting and messing him up. I made him stop and since they were loose already, I took his training wheels off. He complained for literally 1-2 seconds then hopped on it. He tried putting both feet up at the same time and almost fell over. I held the seat for so he could get his feet and off he went. I took two steps and then couldn't keep up anymore. He was off! Once he stopped he was able to go again no problem. Figured he would be the fastest to learn it. 🙂 It's too bad he already got grounded for not listening to mom and going out of bounds. Oops.