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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our fans. I hope this year was blessed by God and the new year will be even better.

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Christmas 2010

This year was nice. We kept the amount of present to a minimum since we our living in a 33' trailer now. The kids knew this and were very excited for what they got. Made it so much more pleasant. Shelli has been missing her dog that we gave away so I got her a puppy (see the pix). The girls each got a doll, and Thing 3 got Legos. We all got some Nerf guns which have proved to be a blast. 🙂 I have no photos of Nerf gun battles, but they are fun. My mom did a lot to make sure the kids had fun. She decorated a girls room and a boys room so the kids had rooms to sleep in. She helped them make some play food and a little store as posted previously. They made gingerbread houses and decorated them. We have played a lot of games. Its just been nice to have some time off and just sit around and hang out. I needed some rest after driving over 50,000 miles.

My mother in law got all the kids blankets and pillows since all their other pillows were so old and worn out. She got them a few other gifts as well, but didn't go overboard this year (thank you). We had a good time hanging out there.

Thanks to everyone who made it a great holiday!

Homeschooling is fun!

The great thing about homeschooling is that just about anything can teach kids valuable lessons and still be fun. For "art class" the kids sat down with grandma and made a bunch of play food. They cut out shapes from different colored foam to make all sorts of different foods. Then they made me steak and eggs from the T bone and eggs. 🙂

Next grandma has been saving all the empty packages from real food that we eat and use. She then tapes the boxes back shut and things like to create packages for the "grocery store". She also broke out all of great grandmas old hats for their store.

Big lots had a cash drawer full of play money for $2.50. So now Thing 1 can run the store (she's the oldest and can do math a little better to make change), Thing 2 runs the resturant, Thing 3 is the garbage man, and Thing 4 works at the store restocking shelves. This allows them all to earn money and spend money. They are learning skills, but to them they are playing and having fun. 🙂

I told them I was the state and needed 6% tax. So at the end of the day they brought me a pile of money for taxes. Haha!

I love these kids. And I like the freedom that homeschooling provides. I also like that I get to be a part of their education.

Made it to Baltimore

Safe and sound. Not to bad.

Current TV Mounts

I have these TV mounts, and I want another set so I can use two TVs in either mounts.

Made it home for Christmas

Well as much of the country braced for a snow storm, we did 12 jobs in 2 days and beat feet for home. We are now snuggly at mom and dads house until after Christmas (well I have to run to Baltimore for some more jobs). We managed to get in before the snow storm hit and even got the trailer slid down into the driveway safely. 🙂 It may not come back out until spring, but at least its safe for now.

The kids are enjoying the snow and grandma setup a new room for the girls with fresh paint and new bunk beds (the boys room was already done). I had to go buy new boots because I had thrown out my old worn out ones when we moved into the trailer. So I stopped in at Chucks Boot Shop in Franklin, PA to see my old friend Brad Myers and get some new boots. They are amazingly warm and I love them!

Our water froze up the first night we were here, and today it got up to a whopping 20 degress. Practically a heat wave. 🙂

Back home again.

We did a weeks worth of jobs in 2 days so that we could come home early for Christmas. It's freezing here in PA. I didn't empty the water tanks or winterize, so now we are froze up. Oops. The furnace is on and maybe we will thaw out. Took two tries to get in the driveway with all the snow, but we made it before the freeze.

Thanks all for your prayers.

In St. Charles once again.

We enjoyed St. Charles when we were here in the summer. It's been just as enjoyable in the winter also. Tonight we went to the Foundry Art center and made some crafts, then we went and walked around Main St. There are a ton of little shops along Main St. and tonight there were folks dressed up in costumes from different eras and location around the world. They each had a trading card to hand out. 30 in all. We collected 19. It was a lot of fun learning about Christmas in other lands. The lights and Main St. were lovely. Just a fun place to be. Franklin should take note. 🙂 Of course a casino drawing large crowds with money to burn sort of helps to fund on all this fun stuff. I am sure there is poverty right on the other side of the street that we can't see behind all the niceties.

Frozen…must escape…

Today we did alright. Kids caught up on school while I went to work. The water did work from the hose, but our fresh water tank appears to be frozen. We let it run empty, oops. It's filled up again and hopefully tomorrow it will be warm enough that it thaws out and starts working. Today we decided to get out the house and go play in some one elses heat. So we went to Bass Pro shop then to Cabelas which is attached to a big mall. The Bass Pro shop had a bunch of fun stuff set up for the kids to do, so we let them play for a while. We looked at the fish tanks, and a bunch of other stuff. Then when we got bored there, we headed to the Cabelas at the mall. We strolled around and looked at stuff in there, then headed out into the mall and wandered around a bit. I have been eyeing those RC helicopters you always see the guys selling, so I was playing around one and another guy came up and started asking questions. Between the two of us we talked the sales guy into selling us two of them for $80. Saved $20. He said he couldn't do it and then we produced cash. And the other guy was like, look you make $80 or nothing. HEhe. Last time I was in the that mall I got ripped off. Maybe this makes up for it. *shrug* Either way the little helicopter is fun, and the kids had fun.

Building a map of places to park and dump

We are trying to build a map of places to park for free.  Help us out.