Frozen…must escape…

Today we did alright. Kids caught up on school while I went to work. The water did work from the hose, but our fresh water tank appears to be frozen. We let it run empty, oops. It’s filled up again and hopefully tomorrow it will be warm enough that it thaws out and starts working. Today we decided to get out the house and go play in some one elses heat. So we went to Bass Pro shop then to Cabelas which is attached to a big mall. The Bass Pro shop had a bunch of fun stuff set up for the kids to do, so we let them play for a while. We looked at the fish tanks, and a bunch of other stuff. Then when we got bored there, we headed to the Cabelas at the mall. We strolled around and looked at stuff in there, then headed out into the mall and wandered around a bit. I have been eyeing those RC helicopters you always see the guys selling, so I was playing around one and another guy came up and started asking questions. Between the two of us we talked the sales guy into selling us two of them for $80. Saved $20. He said he couldn’t do it and then we produced cash. And the other guy was like, look you make $80 or nothing. HEhe. Last time I was in the that mall I got ripped off. Maybe this makes up for it. *shrug* Either way the little helicopter is fun, and the kids had fun.

  • Carla McCoy

    December 8th, 2010

    Wish I was your kid. They aren’t going to know how to act when they have to live “normal” lives. They are getting to enjoy so much at such a young age.

  • Ryan

    December 8th, 2010

    SO true. I probably won’t know what to do. This job is easy, and we are so blessed to be enjoying ourselves. I wish it could go on forever. 🙂

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