Made it home for Christmas

Well as much of the country braced for a snow storm, we did 12 jobs in 2 days and beat feet for home. We are now snuggly at mom and dads house until after Christmas (well I have to run to Baltimore for some more jobs). We managed to get in before the snow storm hit and even got the trailer slid down into the driveway safely. 🙂 It may not come back out until spring, but at least its safe for now.

The kids are enjoying the snow and grandma setup a new room for the girls with fresh paint and new bunk beds (the boys room was already done). I had to go buy new boots because I had thrown out my old worn out ones when we moved into the trailer. So I stopped in at Chucks Boot Shop in Franklin, PA to see my old friend Brad Myers and get some new boots. They are amazingly warm and I love them!

Our water froze up the first night we were here, and today it got up to a whopping 20 degress. Practically a heat wave. 🙂

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