Homeschooling is fun!

The great thing about homeschooling is that just about anything can teach kids valuable lessons and still be fun. For “art class” the kids sat down with grandma and made a bunch of play food. They cut out shapes from different colored foam to make all sorts of different foods. Then they made me steak and eggs from the T bone and eggs. 🙂

Next grandma has been saving all the empty packages from real food that we eat and use. She then tapes the boxes back shut and things like to create packages for the “grocery store”. She also broke out all of great grandmas old hats for their store.

Big lots had a cash drawer full of play money for $2.50. So now Thing 1 can run the store (she’s the oldest and can do math a little better to make change), Thing 2 runs the resturant, Thing 3 is the garbage man, and Thing 4 works at the store restocking shelves. This allows them all to earn money and spend money. They are learning skills, but to them they are playing and having fun. 🙂

I told them I was the state and needed 6% tax. So at the end of the day they brought me a pile of money for taxes. Haha!

I love these kids. And I like the freedom that homeschooling provides. I also like that I get to be a part of their education.

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