Christmas 2010

This year was nice. We kept the amount of present to a minimum since we our living in a 33′ trailer now. The kids knew this and were very excited for what they got. Made it so much more pleasant. Shelli has been missing her dog that we gave away so I got her a puppy (see the pix). The girls each got a doll, and Thing 3 got Legos. We all got some Nerf guns which have proved to be a blast. 🙂 I have no photos of Nerf gun battles, but they are fun. My mom did a lot to make sure the kids had fun. She decorated a girls room and a boys room so the kids had rooms to sleep in. She helped them make some play food and a little store as posted previously. They made gingerbread houses and decorated them. We have played a lot of games. Its just been nice to have some time off and just sit around and hang out. I needed some rest after driving over 50,000 miles.

My mother in law got all the kids blankets and pillows since all their other pillows were so old and worn out. She got them a few other gifts as well, but didn’t go overboard this year (thank you). We had a good time hanging out there.

Thanks to everyone who made it a great holiday!

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