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Help us win some free books!!

We entered the photo contest to win some free books for our kids.  We may not have the best photo, but vote for us anyway since our kids love books. 🙂

Cold cold and snow!

Well, work has finally called us into the north after weeks of being in the south and the warmth.  We will be boondocking quite a bit this week as campgrounds are hard to find now that's it cold.  Most of them have shut off their water and stuff for the winter.  Not fun.  We ran the first night on our batteries and they went dead before morning.  The furnace motor just was too much for it.  So we went to Tractor Supply and bought a generator.

You can read my review of the Champion generator here.

So far we have been doing good.  We dumped at a Fly J today, but they had already shut off the drinking water, so we will have to find someway to refill our fresh water tank.  Anyone in the St. Louis area want to let us use their hose? 🙂

We have two more weeks of work before we take two weeks off for Christmas and head to PA in the snow.