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Light tries to catch fire

Well, as you know we travel a lot. Camper is 6 months old and already has over 30k miles on it. We have already replaced one tire that wore out, and minor little fixes here and there that I am sure you would have on any new camper.

This one caught even me off guard (I have owned a like 4 old and busted TT's and RV's and never had this happen), one of the marker lights on the side tried to catch fire! We had parked at a Walmart for the night while heading from Indianapolis, IN to Baton Rouge, LA. It was dark when we stopped and plugged in the genny so I didn't see it then. In the morning when I was putting the electric cable back, I saw the images below. The light bulb had apparently gotten water or something up in it and shorted out. Instead of blowing a fuse or something, it overheated and started melting the plastic. Thankfully the plastic melted enough that the wires eventually fell before catching fire. Very scary to see that I could have lost my whole house and wouldn't have even know it.

This light is right behind the drivers side wheels and so it gets a lot of junk thrown up at it. Sort of design flaw I think.

Testing out new mapping and weather settings

I have recently added some stuff that will track my posts on a map and list the weather of where I currently am. Thought I would test it out and see how it worked.

Headed south!

So our next group of jobs in is Corpus Christi, TX, but we have a week off in there since we didn't want to go to Detroit, MI. We traveled south to our friends house in Baton Rouge, LA since it's on the way to Texas and we can park for free. 🙂

We have been in T shirt a lot since arriving. It's nice. Although right now it is raining pretty hard, it's still 55 outside. Nice! Our friends have 30amp hookups in the driveway for us which made it even sweeter. They are sort of in the country (so they say, but I can see neighbors), so that's also a plus. Should have a nice stay without frozen water while we are here.

Final night in Indianapolis, IN

For our final night in Indianapolis, we went with the Weeds out to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the Steelers de-feather the Ravens. We had a rockin good time. I love hanging out with the Weeds. They are so much fun. Then we came home and Shelli posted some of her Steelers hair clippies to her web site while I tried to finish up the radio control rock crawlers for the kids.

We had a good time while in Indianapolis. Now we head south where it's warm!

More winter fun. Or not….

Our water froze up again. So this time I pulled the furnace ducts out and let them heat straight into the underbelly. This took about an hour but finally did thaw the pipes and water started flowing. Now the only trouble is the gray tank for the bathtub is froze shut so I can't empty it and the bathtub is full of water. Oy. I drilled holes in the furnace vents to let just a little more warm air into the under belly and hopefully keep things thawed.

Lots of snow!

Got lots of snow in Indianapolis today. It was like trying to drive on snot. The big Chevy slid around a lot, but that traction control did just what it was supposed to. 🙂 Think we got like 8 inches. I never checked the official yet.

Current weather near us right now:
Indianapolis, Indianapolis International Airport, 33.8 F, overcast

Jerry can mounts

We use a generator at night when boondocking to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. The generator is kept in the back of the van, but I didn't want the gas smell in where we all ride. So I had these old Jerry cans back home that I figured would work well. I got an extra holder off eBay and mounted them up on the tongue. The fit perfectly and turned out rather well I think. I will have to paint the old red one when summer comes, but for now I can carry 10 gallons of fuel for the generator that runs about 8-10 hours on 4 gallons. This works out pretty well for us. I used some pine boards in between stuff so that it didn't mar up the paint on the trailer.

Water Again (heated water hose)

Today it got warm enough that our pipes thawed and water started working again. Yay! We decided to try to keep it that, so we went down to Lowe's and bought some heat tape and some insulation. This whole setup makes me a bit nervous because of all the warnings on it. I am going to keep an eye on it and make sure it works ok. Why would anyone buy something with this much warning about fire on it and put it in their house? 🙂 I put it outside, so we'll see. I am not even sure it's installed properly either. Oy.

Anyhow, we laid on the hose inside and then laid the heat tape along it just like the directions said, then we put the insulation over that. Then we hooked the whole thing up. This campground has a nice buried bucket type setup for the water so it keeps the faucet warm and unfrozen.

What a day….

First a quick recap. We left Franklin on Thursday before the snow storm. Went to Columbus and had dinner with the Gasbarros. Then we went to Dayton and hung out with my sister Erika. We stayed in the Walmart parking lot since none of the camp grounds were open. That worked out just fine. Erika and family was sick on day two so we just packed up and headed for Indianapolis which was our final destination for the week. Mananged to get in and all setup and even get propane refilled and the busted power tongue jack replaced (Thanks Lerch RV for super speedy shipping, it was waiting for us when we got here!). Unfortunately I water had froze up on the trip here. Bummer...


Today was one of those days where you just might want to scream.

The water in our trailer is frozen, so I had to go to the bath house to get a shower and bring back water to do dishes. This makes for some difficult times trying to keep things sanitary.

Then the starter went out of our van. Now if I had not had frozen water, or had to go to the shower house, the starter would have failed some where other then at the camp ground. Thank fully it was a nice day and I was able to crawl under the van and find the problem. Then we drove to the auto parts store that just happened to have a starter in stock and I changed it out in the parking lot. Since it was a nice day the parking lot was dry. I shorted something out which burned my face, but not badly and the van works again.

We then went to our friends the Weeds place and hung out for dinner and games. That was fun and definitely brought me down from the "want to screams".

When we got back home and tried the water, the pump kicked on. This is a good sign. It means that hopefully by tomorrow the water will once again be working in our little home on wheels. YAY!

So over all not a bad day even though it started out like one.

Thank you everyone who prayed for us. Sometimes you just have to keep your chin up and keep on moving.

Added a sponsorship page

We are always looking for support for our big family and traveling around the country. 🙂

So since some places have already helped us along the way, I wanted to make sure they got promotion where it was due. If you have a business or product that you would like to have us promote for you, then please contact me.