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Moving again.

We had been parked for about 4 weeks. I was getting itchy. 🙂 The snow had finally thawed showing the driveway. All I had to do was finish up the last of the jobs in that area and we could move again. Today was that day. It started snowing first thing in the morning. I had to run and do some errands and then I had hoped to mount up the gas cans for the generator. By the times I made it back the slightly steep driveway was already starting to disappear under snow. We very quickly packed up all of our stuff into the camper, said our good byes and pulled up out. We crawled right up the driveway with out a problem and slowly started our way for Indianapolis, IN. And I mean slowly. The snow was just wet enough and the air was just cold enough to make it like driving on snot. We creeper crawled down Rocky Grove Ave and back up 15th St hill. Then out route 8 where we were spinning a bit on the big hill just outside Franklin. I found that 2nd gear and about 3000 rpms was safe and just held it right there the whole way up that hill. Once we made it 80 everything was pretty good. I still ran about 55mph just to be safe. We made it to Columbus, Ohio for dinner with the Gasborros and Gina. Always great to hang out with them. Then we continued our trek westward towards my sisters house. We are currently parked at a Walmart for the night about 12 minutes from her place. Tomorrow we will go hang out with her and decide what our next plan of action is. We have some places picked out in Indianapolis and some friend to visit while we work. 🙂 Should be a good time.

We did see a ton of accidents on the way here. Be safe out there people and use your brains. Stop talking and texting while driving and stop pulling out in front of things bigger then you. Use your blasted turn signals and keep at least 4 seconds in between vehicles. I mean seriously, doesn't anyone read the manual before getting a license?

Ok, enough ranting. Must sleep.