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Battery Upgrade

I was so sick of not being able to run the furnace all night while Wallydocking, that I finally went out and bought two 6volt gold cart batteries to replace the one Excide deep cycle marine that came with the trailer. I ended up with two Deka GC25's. Cost about $300 for the two, but so far with the testing I have done, we should be able to run for about 3-4 days with no trouble. Definitely worth the upgrade.

Heres the forum post about it all here.

Keeping a tv in place

Our camper came with a 19" 720p TV. It worked ok for movies and TV, but then our friends got us a Wii and suddenly playing 4 player games became terrible on a tiny screen. So we went off to Best Buy and picked up a new one. Got a 32" Insignia 1080p. Very nice with smart sound. Trouble is it was too heavy for the wall mount bracket and I wanted the 19" in our bedroom anyhow. So it sat nicely up on the ledge with the table stand, it was just a matter of making sure it didn't go anywhere.

Here's what I came up with:

I got 4 of those 1/2" screw in eyelet things (whatever they are called) 🙂
Then I got a bolt that fit in there snugly
I got 4 longer screws that fit into the wall mount holes in the back of the TV.

I used a piece of 1 inch pine board that I had extra from mounting the gas cans. I drilled 4 holes in it to match the wall mount holes. I bolted the pine board to the back of the TV. Then I put two of the screw eyelets in the pine board. Next I put the other two in the wall where the old TV was mounted (there was a support behind the wall board that I screwed into).

I then set the TV up on the stand (putting a little sticky tack stuff under the stand so it wouldn't slide), I lined up the 4 eyelets and dropped the bolt down through. This keeps the tv from falling off the shelf, but still allows it to swing left and right. I positioned it off the right just a little bit on purpose so that it could be seen from the couch.

As of this post, we have driven over 1200 miles with the TV mounted this way and it's working great.

The Beach in Florida!

So today we went to the beach. I love being in Florida!! I love this whole mobile thing and moving south in the cold months. It's been great. You will see from the photos that we found some hermit crabs. We were amazed by the beach experience here. The penisula has a skinny road going out to the beach and people would just park and layout tanning in the parking spots. It was a huge hang out area. Wild.

After the beach we took advantage of the kids eat free day at Chilis. Eli had ribs. Like a real man. 🙂

This week we are in Florida again.

I am really enjoying this whole being in south for the winter life style. I like walking around in a t-shirt in February. Although there are little gnats out that bite like crazy and leave me with red blotches. Not fun.

This campground has a heated swimming pool, so of course we had to take advantage of that. We got the bikes out and did some bike riding. Shelli and I walked a bit. The campground we are at is a bit cramped. They sort of shove people in like sardines, and kinda put slideouts around trees and stuff. It's not as tight as the KOA in Louisville that we stayed at, but it's close. The lots are grass which got a little muddy, but we do have a concrete pad under our steps with a picnic table on it. We rolled out our outdoor carpet over it and rolled out the awning. It's nice. We even met some people from Oil CIty, PA already, and I another guy from Pittsburgh who used to deliver in Franklin and OC. Small world. 🙂

Norfolk, VA

So we are currently parked in our friends driveway again. We didn't want to go north up into the snow and cold on the McDonalds project, so we decided to stay here since it was only 3 hours from our last rounds of jobs and was basically free to park while we had no work. I did manage to find some jobs local to Norfolk to do that will help keep us fed until the next round of McDonalds stuff kicks back in. It sure helps to be mostly debt free when this sort of thing happens. That's definitely what I would tell anyone thinking of doing this.... Don't have debt, and double (or triple) what ever you think you will use in gas. You can live cheap enough on the road if you are smart, but gas prices will kill you, and if you have monthly bills the worry about money might stress you out of having fun. 🙂

Speaking of having fun. Our friends have two boys that are great playmates for our children. Here is a pic of Thing 4 on the trampoline. She got all staticy (is that a word?) and I was trying to get a picture of her hair going crazy.

We had like two days of nice weather, and then all of the sudden we woke up to this!

Snow! I thought we were south enough, but I was wrong. At least our water hasn't frozen up here. Maybe we will get lucky and head to Florida next. 🙂

Visiting a Battle ship and Navy Museum

Today's trip was to visit the battle ship USS Wisconsin and to view the Nauticus museum. We had a great time and with our museum membership that we got from we only spent $3 on parking. How sweet is that?! Like a free field trip. They had a lot of great information and a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do. I wish we could have seen the engine room and stuff like that. Basically can only walk around above deck and see the mess hall and some of the quarters. I would love to see the whole thing. Sort of see how everyone else besides the officers lives while on board.

Over all it was a good trip and the Museum membership has paid for itself and been totally worth it.

Super Bowl XLV

Getting ready to go watch the Super Bowl tonight. Traveling has made this interesting. We can't just host a party or go to one. So instead we are going to a Buffalo Wild Wings or sports bar to watch. Going to be an amazing game!

Go Steelers!

North Carolina

Well, it's been a few days since I posted anything so I figured it was about time.

It currently cold and raining here. Not very much fun for us. We been sitting around watching TV and playing on the web most of the day. We did venture out for a bit.

The work here wasn't bad, but we have off from the McDonalds thing for the next two weeks which is really going to stink for paychecks. I have a couple small jobs lined up here and there that will at least pay for food. 🙂 We are planning to go park at a friends house for a bit and save travel and campground costs.

Here's a couple pictures from when it wasn't raining. We played some giant checkers and the kids used the sliding boards. This campground is sort of out dated, so they don't have much to do. They do have waffles every morning which has been fun.

Current weather near us right now:
Smithfield, Johnston County Airport, 37.4 F, overcast