Norfolk, VA

So we are currently parked in our friends driveway again. We didn’t want to go north up into the snow and cold on the McDonalds project, so we decided to stay here since it was only 3 hours from our last rounds of jobs and was basically free to park while we had no work. I did manage to find some jobs local to Norfolk to do that will help keep us fed until the next round of McDonalds stuff kicks back in. It sure helps to be mostly debt free when this sort of thing happens. That’s definitely what I would tell anyone thinking of doing this…. Don’t have debt, and double (or triple) what ever you think you will use in gas. You can live cheap enough on the road if you are smart, but gas prices will kill you, and if you have monthly bills the worry about money might stress you out of having fun. 🙂

Speaking of having fun. Our friends have two boys that are great playmates for our children. Here is a pic of Thing 4 on the trampoline. She got all staticy (is that a word?) and I was trying to get a picture of her hair going crazy.

We had like two days of nice weather, and then all of the sudden we woke up to this!

Snow! I thought we were south enough, but I was wrong. At least our water hasn’t frozen up here. Maybe we will get lucky and head to Florida next. 🙂

  • Shelli

    February 13th, 2011

    Not a big fan of snow. But it was pretty. Clear roads and just a small layer of white on things.

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