This week we are in Florida again.

I am really enjoying this whole being in south for the winter life style. I like walking around in a t-shirt in February. Although there are little gnats out that bite like crazy and leave me with red blotches. Not fun.

This campground has a heated swimming pool, so of course we had to take advantage of that. We got the bikes out and did some bike riding. Shelli and I walked a bit. The campground we are at is a bit cramped. They sort of shove people in like sardines, and kinda put slideouts around trees and stuff. It’s not as tight as the KOA in Louisville that we stayed at, but it’s close. The lots are grass which got a little muddy, but we do have a concrete pad under our steps with a picnic table on it. We rolled out our outdoor carpet over it and rolled out the awning. It’s nice. We even met some people from Oil CIty, PA already, and I another guy from Pittsburgh who used to deliver in Franklin and OC. Small world. 🙂

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