Keeping a tv in place

Our camper came with a 19″ 720p TV. It worked ok for movies and TV, but then our friends got us a Wii and suddenly playing 4 player games became terrible on a tiny screen. So we went off to Best Buy and picked up a new one. Got a 32″ Insignia 1080p. Very nice with smart sound. Trouble is it was too heavy for the wall mount bracket and I wanted the 19″ in our bedroom anyhow. So it sat nicely up on the ledge with the table stand, it was just a matter of making sure it didn’t go anywhere.

Here’s what I came up with:

I got 4 of those 1/2″ screw in eyelet things (whatever they are called) 🙂
Then I got a bolt that fit in there snugly
I got 4 longer screws that fit into the wall mount holes in the back of the TV.

I used a piece of 1 inch pine board that I had extra from mounting the gas cans. I drilled 4 holes in it to match the wall mount holes. I bolted the pine board to the back of the TV. Then I put two of the screw eyelets in the pine board. Next I put the other two in the wall where the old TV was mounted (there was a support behind the wall board that I screwed into).

I then set the TV up on the stand (putting a little sticky tack stuff under the stand so it wouldn’t slide), I lined up the 4 eyelets and dropped the bolt down through. This keeps the tv from falling off the shelf, but still allows it to swing left and right. I positioned it off the right just a little bit on purpose so that it could be seen from the couch.

As of this post, we have driven over 1200 miles with the TV mounted this way and it’s working great.

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