Wifi Booster

We kept having trouble with Wifi at places that we parked. Since we practically live on the internet, we really needed better coverage. I can use my Sprint Evo as a hotspot in places where there is no Wifi, but I was most annoyed that I couldn’t get Wifi that was in the park I was staying in. I purchased the Rogue Wave Wifi booster from Land and Sea. It claims up to 7 miles range. I mounted it up on my TV antenna mast. Think I need to get some PVC pipe and put it up just a bit higher. I think I am getting interference from the TV antenna. I am able to see a McDonalds a mile away with 2 out 8 bars at this campground. I could not see the McDonalds a block away from the last campground. Not sure what to think about that.

The booster itself was way way smaller then I thought it was going to be. That made installation easier. I ran my wires down through the hole that the tv cable runs through. Then I fished it through the ceiling. I didn’t want to drill a hole in my ceiling or wall so I just came out through the speaker hole and used sticky tack to attach it to the wall.

So far I have used it at two different campgrounds. I seem to get about quadrupal the range of my two laptops. And it’s nice to only have to type in one code to get everything online. Plus with us having a router in the trailer now, we can share video and pix to all the different devices easily.

Rogue Wave wifi booster
$375 + shipping and then if you need installation. You could build your own for much less, but it may not be as easy to use and setup.
Seems to be pretty designed. I put some silicon glue on the cable holes and such just to make sure it was really water proof.
8db Gain booster. Came with all the cables and attachments and a Netgear router to get it all setup. Doesn't seem to have as much range as I would have hoped.
Makes using wifi in a campground much better then regular laptop. Allows me to use one key for the wifi instead of six. POE makes setup nice and easy.

WaveWiFi Rogue
The Rogue Wave is brought to you by Wave WiFi, THE name in marine WiFi. The Rogue has 800mw of power to help you connect to public hotspots from up to 7 miles! The easy to use web-based interface requires NO software installation and will work with Windows and Mac.
You can easily connect any router such as our optional Netgear to the Rogue Wave, allowing you to share the connection wirelessly with several computers throughout the boat!
We’re so sure you’ll love the Rogue that we are now offering a 2 Week, no questions asked Money Back Guarantee!

800mW (+29dBm) output power
Easy to use web-based Wave WiFi Interface
FREE Online Firmware Upgrades
FREE iMap™ Global Weather
Up to 7-mile range from a quality HotSpot
Instructional CD and Quick Start Guide
One year written limited warranty
14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Works with 110/220V AND 12/24V
Kit includes everything you need to get started: Rogue Wave, 110/220VAC and 12VDC Power over Ethernet supply, 8db Marine Antenna & Mount, 25′ Ethernet Cable, Quickstart Guide, and CD

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