Adventure Discovery Zone

Today we used our museum pass to hit up the Adventure Discovery Zone in Nashville, TN. It was downright awesome! Of all the places we have been so far this one rocked. We didn’t even get to see all of it. The robot section was fun. The kids and I built a robot arm and could pick up stuff. 🙂 Then we paid extra for the planetarium. I was slightly disappointed here. Last time I was at a planetarium I was like 10 and I loved learning all about the stars and constellations and stuff. I was all excited for that, but instead we watched a cool movie on the history of space exploration. It was well done and pretty sweet, but I was looking forward to the stars. Oh well. They did have a star room, that was awesome. You walked through a room full of stars. They had so many hands on exhibits for the kids and it was so much fun. This is definitely on the list of places to visit.

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