TV mounted in the bedroom

We got a new TV for the living room so the kids could play Wii better and we could all watch movies. The old TV was 19″ and you couldn’t see it all the way across the room (I wear thick glasses). Anyhow, I moved the old 19″ into the back bedroom for the wife and I to be able to watch shows and movies without keeping the children up. I have a desk already built in front of the rear door, so I mounted the TV arm to a stud in the wall above the desk. This allows the TV to fold flat if we want to use the door, but swing out so we can watch it. I put the Mac Mini on the desk and hooked it up. That way we can watch Hulu, Netflix, and DVDs all from one device that has a remote. Works very well. I stuck my lamp on top of the mini and away we went. 🙂

I still haven’t figured a nice way to hide all the wires yet. Honestly I have been a bit lazy on that. Can’t see them when the TV is out so…. 😉

Here is the post for the new TV we put in the living room.
And here is the post about the mounts that came with the trailer.

If I want to, I can lift the TV off the bracket and take it outside to watch in our screen room that we have.

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