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Some nice scenery

While driving 1200 miles from one job site to another does stink, at least the scenery is cool. I know this pix won't do justice the awe and wonder I feel whenever I look at Gods handiwork. It makes me think how Katharine Lee Bates must have felt as she penned America the Beautiful. It truly is awe inspiring.

We have seen some not so good stuff too. Going through the mountains of WV we ran into more ice and snow and a nasty roll over accident (camera was dead, so no pix).

We camped last night at Comfort Inn. Not to bad, had laundry and full hookups and only cost us $13.50 with our Passport America membership. Sweet!

Travel and now a dog

The last few days have seen a lot of miles. We left Roanoke and headed for Ohio for the next round of McDonalds jobs. Along the way we stopped and adopted a new mascot for out travels... DUNCAN! 🙂 He's an adorable little Lhaso Poodle mix. We are dog people and we gave our loving Lab to a nice family when we started this trip because we felt that he would hate being cooped up all the time in a small space. He was after all a farm dog that loved the rivers and lakes, and running. Since we were missing having a dog, we all decided to look for something small that liked travel and small spaces. This little guy seems to be a good fit. Yes we are crazy! Thanks for asking. 🙂 He's a puppy, so there is that whole getting him house trained thing that is a nightmare in a camper. He makes it through the night just fine, but annoyingly, we take him out to pee and then ten minutes later he pees on the door mat. Grrr... We will keep working with him and thankfully a rug can be washed.

We have been doing a lot of wallydocking this week since we are driving a good distance between each job site. There are really no campgrounds open up here in this north area. Next week we head back to Florida. Miami! It's going to be a long haul to get there, but I like Florida and it's warm there.

On the fun side, we got to see the Bob Evans farm. We had always read about it on the backs of the menus, and now we have been there. Very cool. The homestead and stuff was shut down for the winter and doesn't open until April 1st. What a bummer, but we still walked around the grounds a bit and saw the ponies and such. It's a nice farm. I like farms. 🙂

I have also included some photos of the wild freak snow storm we drove through in West Virginia. One minute it was nice out the next giant snow flakes where pummeling us and causing accidents. It was crazy!

Anyhow, that should catch you up on our lives. 🙂

Dixie Caverns Campground

Dixie Caverns
5753 West Main Street
Salem, VA 24153
Directly off I-81 at Exit 132

Dates Stayed: 2-27-2011 to 3-6-2011
Site Type: Gravel pull through
Price: $184.80

Dixie Caverns
Price was alright for full hook up sites. Spots where not level and didn't have much grass though.
No playground equipment. No on site laundry. There was room for the kids to run and explore, but still not that family friendly.
Staff was friendly and helpful.
Bathroom were locked with a code to keep the non campers out. No soap or had dryers for the sinks. No where to put your clothes so they don't get wet.
Wifi was fast, but not reliable. It seemed to go out often, but would usually start right back up.
Spot was not level. Had to use blocks on one side and then the rear stabalizers barely reached. It looked like there might have been a fire ring, but most of the rocks were missing. There was a picnic table and some grass. The site were plenty big enough.
No laundry on site.
Dixie Caverns on site. You get super discounted rates to tour the caves if you are camping. Worth it.
There are some older more run down looking full time rvs on site. This may be a detraction for some folks. Didn't bother us. Everyone seemed pleasant and decent.

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Roanoke, VA

So this weeks tour of America (via McDonalds contract), had us in Roanoke, VA. It's pretty here. Seeing the mountains all around. I bet it will be really nice in the spring when the leaves and flowers come in. We got to do some fun stuff. Like tour the Dixie Cavern (see this post), and play in a huge McDonalds Playplace (see this post), and finally visiting a really cool science museum (see this post). Our campground wasn't that great, but we have stayed in worse. I thought maybe I would share a few pix of the surrounding area, I am not sure it captures what I saw, but I tried. 🙂