2 Museums in 2 days

Taking advantage of our museum membership, we decided to hit up a couple of museums that were on the list of free ones we could go to.

First on our list was Great Explorations. This one may have been more fun if the stuff had actually worked. The museum was well used and a lot of the exhibits no longer actually worked. They were renovating some stuff, but we got bored after about an hour. We certainly would not have paid to go to this museum.

The second one was MOSI (Museum Of Science & Industry) in Tampa. Now this was more like it! 4 stories of stuff in one building and then another whole building just for kids. We spent several hours here. We actually got tired and hungry and left before seeing all of it. There was so much to do and so much to see.

We finally got to do a real planetarium show and learn about some stars. The kids thought that was awesome. They had a huge Disasterville exhibit to simulate what it would be like to be in different disasters. That was pretty neat and I learned a few things I that I had been wrong about. We had a blast here and would certainly recommend this one to anyone with kids or without and just wanting to have some fun.

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