Well you find the Travel Tek working his way through Kentucky. We were working in a bunch of obscure places and couldn’t find campgrounds. So we used the Harvest Hosts thing we won early this year and found a farm to park at. 🙂 This was our first experience, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I have to say, it was pretty decent. We stayed at Serenity Farms – Alpacas. I learned some very cool things about Alpacas that I never knew before. Tim, the owner, was very cool and answered all my questions. The only down side to this experience was the absolute lack of cell service and internet. 🙂 But there wasn’t really cell service anywhere around the middle of nowhere Kentucky. 🙂 We are now in Louisville. I did 5 of my jobs in one day so that we could come park at the worlds most expensive and worst KOA. They charged us $10 a day for our kids and the cable is $3 a day. No real grass and the play ground is old and crappy with gravel under it. They can rip people off because there are no other good campgrounds near here. I totally need to buy some property and run them out of business. 🙂 Anyone want to invest?

Some of the other pix here… We celebrated Thing 2’s bday at Chuck E. Cheese. Then while taking a walk Thing 4 wasn’t paying attention and walked right into a mailbox. OUCH!

  • Joel

    April 19th, 2011

    not far from the old hood in Henderson, Pee Wee Valley and Big Bone Lick State Park.
    Gotta love KY, at least for its place names…

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