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Getting new tires and a church youth group to wash our rig.

We were rolling from Nashville, TN to St. Petersburg, FL, when I realized that we had steel showing through one of our tires. These tires about about 50k+ on them and they were crap Chinese made load range D's from the factory. I had already done a bunch of research and knew I wanted Maxxis brand and that I wanted to step it up to load range E's. So since we were headed through Atlanta, GA and planning to have dinner with my good friend Derrell, I decided we better call around and find some tires before we had a blow out. We managed to find a place that had a decent deal on them and could have them first thing in the morning. Plus he said we could drop the trailer in his parking lot for the night. SCORE! Went out with Derrell to Chonas in Lawrenceville, GA. Had some excellent food and a good time. Came back to trailer and slept.

I woke in the morning and showered and stepped outside and a youth group was setting up to do a car wash to help orphans in Romania. Didn't think much of it. We went to the mall and hung out until the new tires were put on and the trailer was ready. I was walking the dog before we took off and one of the girls from the youth group was oohing and awing over him. She jokingly said she would wash him. I said ok, you wash him, the camper, and the van. There was a pause and the girls mom said, the whole thing? I said sure, $100 (its a good cause right?). She turns around and asks the guys doing the washing. They were all for it. So I hooked up and pulled around the building. I grabbed the dogs shampoo and let them go to it. 🙂 We had a good chat with some of the parents supervising. They did a decent job. I am picky and they were kids, you do the math. Hehe.

After that it was onward to Florida. Along the way we ran into a great guy driving my dream truck. *drool* He was trying to convince me I needed one. Which isn't hard, but I like being debt free. Maybe some day.

Anyhow, on to the promised pictures!