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Up State New York blues

Rough day in up state New York today. First we drove 3 hours out of the way for a job that wasn't even supposed to be on the schedule. We had to stay in a Walmart parking lot for the night since there was nothing around it. We did 3 jobs and made our way farther south. We ended up in Pulaski, NY near the 1000 islands. We were not sure what to do for campgrounds, so we tried the Selkirk Shores State Park. The price seemed good until they through on the out of state tax, the kids tax, and the other garbage. Ended up being like $37 a night with electric only hook ups and no internet. After getting stuck in their stupid grass only RV spots we got pulled out and got a refund.

So after that swearing and screaming event (we were stressed already and both of us snapped), we went half mile down the road to Bears Sleepy Hollow Campground. This campground at least had gravel on their spots, but they were small and tight and there was nothing for kids to do there. Plus no one was in the office to check in, so we gave up and headed to the more expensive campground on the road, Brennan Beach RV Resort. According to the Passport America website, they gave 50% off. However no one in the office knew what it was or how to ring it up. They ended up giving us the kids for free, but it still was $10 more then it should have been.

Brennan Beach RV Resort is huge and it's alright. It's older and could use some repair and upkeep. Maybe in the summer it's better maintained. It was just as muddy as the state park and you could see where a lot of people had already gotten stuck and been pulled out. We drove around for about 20 minutes and chose our spot that was raised and gravel, even though they had assigned us one. The park was pretty empty.

They had beach access on Lake Ontario, which had a gorgeous sunset. The playground is big and the kids loved it even though it looked old to me. The pool is decent size, but it's closed right now. There is plenty of stuff for kids and families to do and tons and tons of spots. So I think this is probably not a bad place. Price was a bit high, but after everything else we had been through, I just wanted a beer.

Prayerfully tomorrow will be better.

Indianapolis to visit the Weeds

So we shot up through Indianapolis to visit our friends the Weeds. Had a great time hanging out with them for two days before continueing on our journey northward towards Canton, NY. Tara was great and took us on a tour of Indy. We mooched food from the free hotel food bar (they are staying in a hotel while their truck and RV are repaired). We swam in their hotel pool. We had coffee at a neat little shop, and we strolled along the canal. Very cool. We also snagged some pizza at a very very Italian place. 🙂 Al in all we had a good time.

Thanks Weeds!


There has been a record out break of tornadoes this year. Hasn't been this bad since the 50's. This makes the 3rd time this year we had to take shelter. As in those previous times, we were just fine and our little camper was just fine. We praise God for our safety and our hearts and prayers go out to those who did not fair so well. I saw a National Guard convoy on it's way to Joplin, MO (I am assuming that's where they were headed) and it made me wish I could do more. Once the kids are a little bigger we have already talked about going into places like that and helping to rebuild.

Anyway, here's some pix of the kids huddled in a bathroom waiting out the storm and a sort of just barely able to see the van picture.

Louisville Zoo (again)

Today we had some time available and wanted to go to the zoo again and check out the new bear exhibit. It was hot and there were like 30 bus loads of school kids there. Oy. We did get to see the bears and it was a pretty decent day. Just praying we don't get a tornado here.

Yesterdays travels

Yesterday I had no job to do in the morning since I did it the day before. I decided to patch the tire the we had punctured so I could still have a spare just in case. I pulled a bolt out of the tire that I later figured out came from a road sign and that we most likely picked it up near the Ohio border when we pulled over to fix the straps on the bikes.

After packing up camp we headed north to do the two afternoon jobs. When we got the first one I did my usual walk around and check the rig. That's when I noticed that the bike carrier had sheared a bolt that holds it together and the ratchet strap I had as a backup had broken also. Thankfully the cable lock that we keep on there had pulled snug and saved everything from crashing to the road and causing accidents. I quickly put a new strap on (in a better location this time) and put a new bolt in to hold it.

We are now at Add More Campground, just north of Louisville in Clarksville, IN. Decided we wanted to try something different from the KOA that we hate. This campground is not much better, except that it has grass and trees, which I prefer to concrete and fence. It's a little quieter here as well since there's no active railway running here. However, there is no pool or access to one and everything is a little dated here. Price is way cheaper and the kids are free, so that makes it better in my book. 🙂 Expect a full review on

We also found a big tick on Duncan and had to remove that after we got here. That's the problem with camping in nice wooded areas. 🙂

Back in Kentucky again.

So this was like our 5th time coming to the Louisville area on this McDonalds project. This time we were further south like we were when we stayed at the Alpaca farm. We found a nice little campground in Glendale, KY that was only $25 a night and they gave us a spot right on the fishing lake. It's water and electric hook up only, but they do have a free dump station. So for most folks this would work fine. They do have full hook up sites available, but they are not right on the lake.

While we were here we went and saw Abraham Lincoln's birth place. The cabin he was born in was about the same size are our trailer, but only had one room. Actually we may have a little more room in our trailer. It was pretty cool to see. I always wondered how they were built. We also went and looked at historic Glendale, but everything was closed. Apparently it's a seasonal town or something.

When we came home we had dinner and tried a little fishing. Couldn't catch anything though. The kids and I went around to all the empty campsites and gathered up left over firewood and made a fire. We kept dodging rain, but it would rain for literally a minute or two then stop. So we were able to toast some marshmellows and sit outside and enjoy the evening. The rain started hard right about bed time. Worked out well. 🙂

We would probably come back to this campground again if we were ever here again.

You can read the review here.

Preparing to move again.

We have been stationary for well over a month now, and it's time to move again. We will be heading to Louisville area, then upstate NY, and then NY metro. Not sure after that, but it is nice to have the schedule 3 weeks out. It's going to stink to have to drive again. I have gotten rather lazy. 🙂 Today I have a job out the local mall and then we will finish cleaning and getting ready. My wonderful wife has wiped down all the walls and cupboards and organized and inventory all our food. She washed all the bedding and remade the beds. The kids are done with school so all the school books have to go back to the school district, and that leaves more room in the camper. I was going to wash the outside, but it really hasn't stopped raining since we got here. Today is supposed to be nice so I will try to get out there and scrub the roof and treat the seals. We still need to run the vacuum over all the carpets and I had hoped to run a steam cleaner over them, but not sure if that will happen or not. The project is winding down so the routes are getting worse. They are not as clustered as they were and there is now 3 hours in between first and last jobs. This means instead of finding one campground for the week, we have to find 2 or 3 and move more. Not fun. Prayerfully we will be able to find an inexpensive place to live when we come back that fits our dreams. 🙂

Traveling without kids and shaving the dog.

This week, Shelli and I left the kids with grandparents and relatives and did these jobs as a working date. 🙂 We purchased a $3000 car while we were home. We got a 2000 Daewoo Nubira that gets almost 30mpg (only 65k miles too). The van was just using too much gas. We left the camper and the van at my parents place and brought the "Woo" on her maiden voyage. So far so good. The A/C doesn't work which sucks, but using 1/3 the gas is awesome.

We did have to bring the dog since no one wanted to keep him. We have enjoyed each other company and the quiet when we want it. We also went to some restaurants that you don't normally take kids too. 🙂 And its been kind of fun staying in hotels and hanging out with my wife.

Today after working and taking in some sites, we decided the dog need a hair cut. He was a mess and needed something done. Plus summer is here. So having no idea what we were doing we just dove in a shaved him. 🙂

Enjoy the pix. 🙂