Traveling without kids and shaving the dog.

This week, Shelli and I left the kids with grandparents and relatives and did these jobs as a working date. 🙂 We purchased a $3000 car while we were home. We got a 2000 Daewoo Nubira that gets almost 30mpg (only 65k miles too). The van was just using too much gas. We left the camper and the van at my parents place and brought the “Woo” on her maiden voyage. So far so good. The A/C doesn’t work which sucks, but using 1/3 the gas is awesome.

We did have to bring the dog since no one wanted to keep him. We have enjoyed each other company and the quiet when we want it. We also went to some restaurants that you don’t normally take kids too. 🙂 And its been kind of fun staying in hotels and hanging out with my wife.

Today after working and taking in some sites, we decided the dog need a hair cut. He was a mess and needed something done. Plus summer is here. So having no idea what we were doing we just dove in a shaved him. 🙂

Enjoy the pix. 🙂

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