Preparing to move again.

We have been stationary for well over a month now, and it’s time to move again. We will be heading to Louisville area, then upstate NY, and then NY metro. Not sure after that, but it is nice to have the schedule 3 weeks out. It’s going to stink to have to drive again. I have gotten rather lazy. 🙂 Today I have a job out the local mall and then we will finish cleaning and getting ready. My wonderful wife has wiped down all the walls and cupboards and organized and inventory all our food. She washed all the bedding and remade the beds. The kids are done with school so all the school books have to go back to the school district, and that leaves more room in the camper. I was going to wash the outside, but it really hasn’t stopped raining since we got here. Today is supposed to be nice so I will try to get out there and scrub the roof and treat the seals. We still need to run the vacuum over all the carpets and I had hoped to run a steam cleaner over them, but not sure if that will happen or not. The project is winding down so the routes are getting worse. They are not as clustered as they were and there is now 3 hours in between first and last jobs. This means instead of finding one campground for the week, we have to find 2 or 3 and move more. Not fun. Prayerfully we will be able to find an inexpensive place to live when we come back that fits our dreams. 🙂

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