Yesterdays travels

Yesterday I had no job to do in the morning since I did it the day before. I decided to patch the tire the we had punctured so I could still have a spare just in case. I pulled a bolt out of the tire that I later figured out came from a road sign and that we most likely picked it up near the Ohio border when we pulled over to fix the straps on the bikes.

After packing up camp we headed north to do the two afternoon jobs. When we got the first one I did my usual walk around and check the rig. That’s when I noticed that the bike carrier had sheared a bolt that holds it together and the ratchet strap I had as a backup had broken also. Thankfully the cable lock that we keep on there had pulled snug and saved everything from crashing to the road and causing accidents. I quickly put a new strap on (in a better location this time) and put a new bolt in to hold it.

We are now at Add More Campground, just north of Louisville in Clarksville, IN. Decided we wanted to try something different from the KOA that we hate. This campground is not much better, except that it has grass and trees, which I prefer to concrete and fence. It’s a little quieter here as well since there’s no active railway running here. However, there is no pool or access to one and everything is a little dated here. Price is way cheaper and the kids are free, so that makes it better in my book. 🙂 Expect a full review on

We also found a big tick on Duncan and had to remove that after we got here. That’s the problem with camping in nice wooded areas. 🙂

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